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Slowly, they Appear
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It all started 5 years ago on a cold, rainy night. I was at a café, sipping my tea. I forgot my umbrella in a hurry, so I called my girlfriend. She had some spare time to drive to my location and pick me up. Tired from work, I looked at the clock on my phone. It's almost 10 pm.

That's when I saw something strange outside. Looking at the window again, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two slender beasts walking among the human crowd! They have multiple eyes, glowing with a warm light. Fear turned into fascination as I watch them. They weren't doing any harm, despite their horrible appearance. They phase through a bunch of people before turning to an alleyway. I wasn't that tired, right? I couldn't be. My cellphone rang. she told me she's at a parking lot. It's time to go home. I didn't speak to anyone about the incident, knowing they will call me crazy or assume I'm on drugs.

Days after that night, I saw more of these ghastly creatures. Slowly, they appear in different locations and different times. They come in different shapes and sizes, phasing in and out of existence as we go on with our daily lives. They also manipulate the world around them only for a short while! Strangely, I can tell they're either hostile or not just by being in their presence. Knowing this, I felt encouraged to document these 'Borderlings', as I like to call them. I wonder if there are people who can see these beings? I'm sure I'm not the only one who can see them as clear as day.


Starting in October, I will replace the old artwork with new ones. In time, some entries will look different, but all the entries' artwork will have a
new style. This will save me time and get some progress done. With that being said, enjoy!

Disclaimer: The links on the right side of the size charts show examples of the Borderlings' effects in the human world. These links will contain audio files and different sources on the internet. Anything that the artist didn't make is for references only.

Ex: A Borderling that may induce visual and auditory hallucinations will have links to a video, image, etc that shows what the hallucinations may look like.

If you have any interesting links that you think matches a Borderling entry, contact me at [email protected]

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New Borderlings with complete data and descriptions
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Unidentified Borderlings with complete data but no descriptions

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