And suddenly, while I was taking a picture of a beautiful cityscape, something caught my eye. That monster wasn't there before. It looked like a dragon with a glowing underbelly.

There's a rare occasion that a person's mobile phone will be affected by an unknown Borderling. One example will be a researcher, who remains anonymous. He/she had grown accustomed to the creature and is currently working with this unlikely companion.

The Borderling seems to be interested in his/her phone camera and begins to manipulate the researcher's data. The result was that he/she can clearly take pictures of the creatures we cannot see with our naked eye. The Borderlings will not appear as blurry blobs or mists. Because of this, the researcher becomes eager to find locations where activity is at its greatest and take photos for the better study about the behaviors of every Borderling encountered. Whenever or not videos will be taken, it depends on the power of the unknown digital Borderling.

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