The Wind Drifter

Species: Discarded Bag Borderling

Type: Visitor

Threat Level: • / •••

Mentality:  Inanimate

Manifestations: Common

Chance of Visibility: 65.3%

Height: 1'4ft -  14'5ft (30.4cm - 6.5cm)

Weight: 1lbs - 27lbs (0.4kg - 12.2kg)

Activity: 45 minutes

Respawn Count: 483

Frequency: 34Hz - 71Hz

Effect Radius: none

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About the Borderling

The Plastybolsaling is a plastic bag-based lifeform. It resembles a torn plastic bag, drifting in the wind. It comes in different sizes, but it is uncommon for the Borderling to grow up to 15ft long. Smaller Plastybolsalings resembles more like ordinary plastic bags compared to larger Plastybolsalings, which are more serpentine in shape. When a Plastybolsaling grows up to be more than 10ft in length, their bodies become lengthened and twisted.

Each Plastybolsaling comes in different colors. The usual coloration of the Borderling is white but also comes in black, brown, and green.

Rows of thin tendrils line the Plastybolsaling's underbelly. The appendages underneath the Borderling act similar the jellyfish's tentacles. They appear frail but is strong enough to grasp onto anything it touches. Each tip of the tendrils is a neurotoxin unheard of in the human world.

A hushed whisper resonates from inside the Plastybolsaling's body. The voices cannot make complete sentences and don't sound feminine or masculine in tone.

An impure Plastybolsaling appears more torn than their healthier counterparts. Dark stains spot its entire body.

The Plastybolsaling appears near places where plastic bags are present. Grocery stores, convenience stores, fairs and outdoor markets are a few places where a Plastybolsaling generates. It travels to and from our world by budding. A ball of wadded up plastic emerges from the ground. It will soon inflate and ascend upward, catching any breeze that will take it away to a nearby branch or pole. If the Plastybolsaling is impure, however, there will be a high chance of it falling apart during the process.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Pastybolsalings drift within the air current. It allows the wind to take it anywhere where it can settle. Once it finds a place to latch onto, like a fence or a tree branch, it uses its tendrils to grab onto the protruding structure
. Groups of 10 to 30 Plastybolsalings will gather around in one place, making the entire scene littered with plastic bags. Larger Plastybolsalings have more control of its flight and will swiftly glide from one location to another without any trouble.

The travel can also be hazardous of the Borderling. If the Plastybolsaling snags itself within a jagged material or a power line, it will tear a piece off of the Borderling's flesh. Most Plastybolsalings can only live up to three days in length. If a Plastybolsaling survives its travels for more than four more days, it will grow as large as 14'5ft in length.

It hunts small birds and insects using the neurotoxins within their tendrils. When its prey lands nearby, they will carefully wrap their appendages around their bodies. Once a Plastybolsaling touches prey, they suffocate them. The combination of numbing toxins and suffocation is enough to kill. Their meal's energy and bodily fluids are drained off of them, leaving only a dried husk behind.

Larger Plastybolsalings don't need to feed as much as their smaller counterparts. They only use their hunting methods as a form of defense against any threat that can year them apart.

A Witness will feel a numbing sensation after touching a Plastybolsaling. Longer exposures to the Plastybolsaling's neurotoxins can lead to paralysis and auditory hallucinations. If a Plastybolsaling doesn't act defensively, there will be a chance for the Witness to live. The effect temporarily wears off after 30 minutes. Witnesses who endured the Plastybolsaling's effects can sometimes hear whispers more clearly than non-Witnesses and will see the Borderlings more often. Longer exposures to the Plastybolsaling's effects will rarely cripple a Witness. For the rest of their lives, they won't move their affected limbs. The auditory hallucinations are lifelong.

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