Date of Event: 7/01/2018
Time the picture was taken: 010:18 pm
Sightings Time length: 00:05:55

Location: In front of a restaurant in a city

Borderlings involved: Chromodromoling , Pure
People Affected: Female, 5'8ft, 154lbs
Items Affected: Neon Sign

Notes: A Witness spotted a Chromodromoling after meeting with her friends at dinnertime. It shyly turned its back and trotted off, giggling like a child. The Witness thought they were under the influence of liquor.

Date of Event: 7/11/2018
Time the picture was taken: 8:59 pm
Sightings Time length: 00:00:28

Location: Underneath a bridge, near a highway

Borderlings involved: Phantomotorling , Pure
People Affected: none
Items Affected: none

Notes: On their way to their graveyard shift, the Witness spotted a Phantomotorling. It glided past them and, with the orb on its head, began to take an illusion of a car. The Witness described it as a ghastly shadow that changes into a car head first.

Date of Event: 8/29/2018
Time the picture was taken: 6:34 am
Sightings Time length: 00:01:05

Location: In the suburbs, in front of a house

Borderlings involved: Hodoling , Pure
People Affected: none
Items Affected: none

Notes: While heading towards a bus stop, they caught a glimpse of small, rootlike hands coming out of the sidewalk. It seems to be fascinated with the plant.


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