The Memory Couriers

Species: Memory Borderling

Type: Visitor

Threat Level: •

Mentality: Animal / Plant

Manifestations: Uncommon

Chance of Visibility: 57%

Height: 2 inches to 3 inches

Weight: 10oz (0.2kg)

Activity: 8pm to 5am

Respawn Count: 543

Frequency: 322MHz - 424GHz

Effect Radius: 7'6ft

From Reality

From Fiction

Audio Recordings

About the Borderling

The Mnemolings are memory-based Borderlings. These type of Borderlings might've appeared in the Classic Ages, unevolved.

They resemble nudibranchs with a tail reminiscent of a tadpole. They have large, shovel-shaped heads with two, plump feelers on the top and bottom. Along with its body are flat brims on each side, from head to tail tip. A pair of small fins can be seen behind its head.

The Mnemolings' entire bodies consist of a clear, gelatinous substance encased in a layer of skin. The gel feels slippery when touched and has a cool, crisp odor.

Their skin is clear without blemish and can break easily. Inside the Borderlings' bodies are special organs that glow and pulse a fiery orange or aquatic blue. When cut, the Homichlolings' bodies can quickly regenerate. A Clear liquid will seep out before the cut fully heals and will evaporate within 5 seconds.

Impure Mnemolings have a more fragile body and will break apart at the slightest touch. Its organs can’t produce light as often as its healthier counterparts.

The Mnemolings appear near warmly lit lights during nighttime. Garden ornaments, porch lights, and street lights will have a change of having groups of Mnemolings around. They are one of the most common species of Borderling. They travel to and from our dimension inside round vessels similar to that of a glass marble, 1 inch in diameter. The shell will act like an egg, allowing the Borderlings inside to fully develop until nightfall.  After they hatch, the Mnemolings will find others of its own kind to coexist until dawn.

Before the Mnemolings leave the Earth’s dimension, it uses 50% of its energy to create 3 to 11 eggs. The amount of light consumption depends on how fertile the Mnemolings are. Shrubbery and bodies of still water are ideal places for the  Borderlings to lay eggs. After finding a good location, the Mnemolings will lay flat on the surface, dimming its body to preserve energy. Afterward, the Mnemolings then flicks their tails and fly away from its spot. The eggs are invisible in daylight. Only in dim light, or at night, will the eggs can be seen.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Mnemolings are very instinctual and don't display any visible emotions.
When stationary, it lowers its tail and fly in one place in a slight bobbing motion. When moving, it uses its fins to make it swim in the air, tail flowing behind it with grace. They will lose their glow, however, and will be temporarily invisible to the naked eye.

To live, they feed off of artificial light. After 3 hours of consumption, they will move to another location. Locomotion will rapidly use the Homichlolings' energy, making them constantly feed to keep them mobile. Like the hummingbirds on Earth, they are always seen feeding on one light source then move to another, and will rarely stop for anything else.

A Mnemoling doesn’t decay after death. The exposed fluids will melt and mix with soil while its shattered body will follow suit. To a Witness that passes by its corpse, they might shrug it off as shattered glass on the ground.

Impure Mnemolings won't feed as well as their healthy counterparts and will attempt to seek out brighter sources of light. This, however, will overwhelm their organs, causing them to explode in a similar fashion to a light bulb.

When in close proximity of the Mnemoling, there will be a 40% chance for a Witness to have slight alterations of memory. The Borderling will either steal or give memories to affected animals or human beings. The memory exchanges are temporary and will last within an hour. When the Mnemoling is within a group, its effects increase 5% per individual. A person who’s within a group of 20 of these Borderlings will have permanent memory alternations.

Additional memories are easily remembered until the effect wears off. A foreign memory, if not a common memory, will cause confusion, depending on the person involved.

There will be a 20% chance of seeing a group of Mnemoling with the naked eye or on camera, but they will most likely appear as orbs or specks of dust.

Impure Mnemoling will give memories stolen from a previously affected individual, but they will be distorted in nightmarish ways. The result will bring emotional or mental ailments in a person. Like their healthier counterparts, the effect will last depending on how large the group.

Discovered by an unknown Witness

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