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The story of Ava Garde is well known amongst the townsfolk in Ellensworth. It's about a girl and her friend and how they had an encounter with a powerful Borderling, the Metathesioling. Ava has to go into the Externus and find her friend. To this day, she never returned. The urban legend was never forgotten and it tells us not to enter into the unknown worlds of the Borderlings alone.


One person found a strange website containing the game based off of the urban legend. After downloading it, the website ceased to exist. In one of the game's folders, there's a .PDF file that read,

'He's dead....he's dead and the devEloper of the game is nowhere to be seen! Once we find them, I'm in charge of making the game compLete. It grew as I explore the unseen's realm. The pixels became my cells, the code became my bOnes. It will be finished once I find them both. His memories are iNside his Ichor, my compass. Wish me luck...'

The PDF file wasn't seen in any other copies yet...


You play as Ava as you explore the unknown and bizarre realms of the Externus. To enter the strange realm, you have to exit the bedroom go the first door that's glowing green. There you'll see a TV that's been distorted. That's the portal to the next-door dimension!
There is no real goal yet other than to explore the current worlds in the Externus and collect all the Polyformes (mutations that change Ava's appearance).

In future updates, there will be a more developed storyline in-game, and more pocket dimensions in other rooms.

Ava's bed is used to save the game.

Select "Return" in the menu to exit the Externus.

Press "Shift" to activate the Polyforme/Xenovision's abilities.

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