The Cosmic Error

Species: Fluctuation Borderling

Type: Visitor

Threat Level: •••••

Mentality: Sentient - Primitive

Manifestations: Very Rare

Chance of Visibility: 0.1%

Height: 36'7ft (1097.2cm)

Weight: 8897lbs (4035kg)

Activity: 4 minutes - 5 minutes

Respawn Count: 99

Frequency: 1THz - 9999THz

Effect Radius: 10ft - 30ft

From Reality

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Audio Recordings

About the Borderling

The Frequbaroling is a Frequency and Distortion-based lifeform. This Borderling might've been an undocumented Modern Age Borderling that was mutated some time ago. The Borderling roughly resembles an insect, mostly an ant or a wasp. Its body consists of opaque and translucent crystals. Some of these crystal formations pierce the Borderling’s body. Glittering pastel colored tubes are bundled up tightly inside the Frequbaroling’s thorax. A broken ring, with 3 or 4 sharp daggers, rotate around its body. Soft, wavering energy radiates from its entire frame. Oblong holes are on each side of the Frequbaroling’s head, resembling eye sockets. A dark, piercing void can be seen inside of them.

The endurance of its body is completely unknown since nothing on the Earth plane can touch it. The Borderling can phase through physical matter. It seems to flicker in and out of existence.

The Frequbaroling’s speech is made out of static and sine waves.  Its speech patterns very without reason and will change in audio frequency and pitch.

An impure Frequbaroling is unobserved by humans and might be identical to their healthier counterparts.

The Frequbaroling will appear in variable locations across the globe, mostly where the ozone layer is at it's thinnest. It arrives on Earth after piercing the Earth's atmosphere with its powerful energy field. The Earth's atmosphere will suddenly become transparent as if it became nighttime in one area. The Borderling will slowly materialize from out of the opening it came out from.

When the time limit passes 5 minutes, the Frequbaroling will begin to pull and tug at its daggers and rings as it fades back into an outline, like it is unwillingly being forced back to the Externus. Its form will flicker and glitch, dissolving into jittering pixels before fading out of existence.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Frequbaroling is an unpredictable Borderling with no known behaviors other than sporadic twitching and jerking of its limbs. It's mostly stationary, hovering 165ft (5029.2cm) from its originated spot where it enters our world. When it moves, it immediately becomes invisible to the human eye. Locomotion will not be detected with any filters or electronic equipment. The static it emits can only be heard through telepathy.

When threatened, it will emit concentrated plasma from its rotating daggers and burn the victim upon contact. More violent Frequbaroling will throw its daggers at the threat, impaling them before firing an energy blast.

The Frequbaroling is able to create fragmented sentences that overlap, drag, or stutter. Although it can make out words, the Borderling is not completely sentient. On rare occasions, it will make complete sentences but will have no meaning or motive. Communication to other Borderlings, including others of its same species, is unheard of.

An impure Frequbaroling will emit a dimmer glow and will always negate itself when trying to attack. The Borderling will act as if it's a malfunctioning machine, trying to act but ending up shutting itself down or freezing.

As soon as it appears, it warps time and space, affecting objects in various ways as long as it is on Earth. The Frequbaroling can only be weakened by disrupting its effect radius with a short burst of Radio waves. This temporary disable the Borderling, paralyzing it for as long as an hour and 34 minutes before it returns to its normal behaviors. Longer exposures will kill the Borderling. Its corpse will burst, creating frequency disturbances in both electronic equipment and other Borderlings.

This Borderling is probably the cause of many undocumented Borderling instances.


A piece of plastic was twitching like it was alive, and changing color from red to blue. It was found behind a café.


An unrecognizable shape has been found. What is was is uncertain. The shape of the object looks like a block that's constantly stretching and contracting. The texture feels like glass.


A Cherokee Jeep was found in a driveway with red organic matter where its headlights used to be. The texture resembles that of the muscle tissue of a human heart.


A 3in pyramid object was lying on a sidewalk. It was making breathing noises, yet there are no lungs found or any type of respiratory system. The texture of its surface is a faded green color and has vertical scratch marks on it.

A cardboard box with mottled skin was found in an alley. The skin has patches of fur not identified by any animal on Earth. The box seems to be twitching sporadically like it was alive.


A dog with purple fur was seen by a neighbor after a thunderstorm. The canine was a Pomeranian and it had grown a long, tapering tail. It looked similar to another neighbor's pet.


A lamp with a twisted neck was found in a hotel room. It has a texture of fruit-flavored gelatin, but it's keeping a shape like its solid.


A patch of grass in a park is growing at an accelerated rate. The color changes drastically from green to yellow if touched. It feels like the texture of teeth.

A spatula was seen inside a kitchen at a restaurant. It had iridescent, plastic skin and many functional eyes.

A movie billboard was seen with inverted colors. The bottom edges seem to be melting in a similar fashion to an ice cream.


A spiral-shaped piece of flesh is seen on the side of a church. Mad cackling can be heard from afar.

Discovered by Indigoelk

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