Sound Mind, Sound Energy, Sound Body

Species: Vibration Energy Borderling

Type: Visitor

Threat Level: •••/••••

Mentality: Satient - Average

Manifestations: Rare

Chance of Visibility: 12%

Height: 7'3ft (????cm)

Weight: 299lbs (????kg)

Activity: 8 minutes or 2 hours

Respawn Count: 299

Frequency: 876MHz - 2455GHz

Effect Radius: 3ft or 1.5miles

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About the Borderling

The Botanoling is a pollinating insect-based lifeform. They resemble elongated figures similar to that of Eastern Dragons in mythology. Their bodies are a pale-green color but sometimes comes in a yellow or orangish tint. At nighttime, they lose their coloration and turn completely black. Flat fins and feelers protrude on each side of the Botanolings' bodies and tails. They have a resemblance and consistency to moth or butterfly wings. A lengthy proboscis tapers from its snout. The common Botanoling has six pairs of talons. It is rare to see the Borderling with up to ten pairs.

Inside the Botanolings' body is a clear gelatin substance. When exposed to air, the gel hardens into a translucent green crust. Its odor is minty and smooth like Eucalyptus oil. The gelatin has medicinal purposes, accelerating the healing process of minor cuts and bruises when applied.

The Botanolings will fully combust when exposed to fire. Unfortunately, they can’t heal any wounds that are burned off. Frost will make the Borderlings rigid, breaking apart with a single touch.

The Botanolings emit a voiceless screech when communicating. The length of each screech spans from 3 or 5 seconds. They softly to themselves as if they were content. The Borderlings' voice will always sound melodic. Each Botanoling has a different melody to sing.

Impure Botanolings will have a brown, mottled body. Mold grows from the tips of their bodies. Parts of the Borderlings are already rotting and falling off in places.

The Botanolings manifest during early morning hours and early night hours. It resides in an area where there's heavy foliage. Smaller Botanolings, around 46.7ft (204.2cm) in length, will appear in gardens. Larger Botanolings can grow up to 40.7ft (1240.5cm) and will appear around forests or anything resembling the wilderness. It travels to and from Earth by emerging from the soil. It exists the human world by burrowing.

Throughout their stay on Earth, the Botanolings will have to deal with herbivore and insectivore that will pursue and devour it. If confronted by a predator, the Botanolings will spray a large cloud of pale-green pollen towards the predator’s direction, which will either blind or distract them long enough for the Botanoling to escape.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Botanoling has a mellow demeanor, showing no extreme emotions, such as rage. The Botanoling behaves differently depending on the seasons. They are more active during springtime than in wintertime.

It moves with swift graceful motions, gliding from side to side. One would say it swims in the air in similarities to fish in water. The Borderling has incredible reflexes, and it is impossible to try to touch one unless the Witness has perfect timing. They gracefully glide over plants, spreading their unique pollen on any flora it encounters.

The Botanoling feeds mostly on pollen and nectar. When near a patch of flowers or a tree bearing fruit, it uncurls its proboscis and digs a small hole in the flesh of the fruit and in the middle of flowers.
It loves to chase winged insects like butterflies and beetles. It is fascinated with drones and will fly with them in curiosity. The Borderling will playfully bat and spin drones and insects, humming a melodic tune.

The Botanoling rests in elevated places where it feels safe and secure. After it spots a nearby tree, it encircles and weaves around its branches, draping its elegant body on the tree's branches.

The Botanoling will become companions towards people who own and take care of gardens. Farmers and gardeners will attract one or two Botanolings, rarely more than three. It will enter within their vicinity and wait for the human to go outside to attend to their garden. Once it sees the human coming close, it will trill in glee and follow the human wherever they go.
A peaceful household will encourage the Botanoling to come back to their yard. If there is discord, however, the Borderling will turn its nose at the human and ignore them until they find peace once again.

Impure Botanolings will stay away from humans, no matter the disposition. The corrupted Borderling isolates itself from any living thing, including other Botanolings. It stomps on healthy flowers with sadistic glee, one by one, after consuming its pollen.

The Botanolings will influence the behavior of butterflies and other pollinating insects. In its strong 7ft effect radius, insects will become attracted to one spot. Witnesses said they saw larger swarms of bees and butterflies in gardens and parks whenever a couple of Botanolings is within their presence.
Special dew manifests within close vicinity of the Botanoling. The dew accelerates plant growth. A barren area will be overgrown by plants within a couple of days if a Botanoling is nearby. Fruit and vegetables will become richer in vitamins and minerals.

An impure Botanoling will leave a trail of withered, dead plants behind. Insects aren't affected by the Borderling’s negative effects, however.

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