Will the Borderlings ever stop coming, and if so, is it in the foreseeable future?

For the bestiary, I had planned to make 65 Borderling entries each for the 3 categories. If I want to add more, because of a sudden brainstorm, I will when the time comes.

Are we allowed to create our own Borderlings?

Yes, you can! I encourage everyone to make fan-made Borderlings as well as fanart of existing Borderlings in the bestiary.

When can I request or contribute a Borderling?

Discovered by Others is a page where you're allowed to contribute your Borderling for $10. All you do is to provide a description and/or art reference of your Borderling. Once I finish with the artwork and the entry page for it, I'll contact you.

Do the Borderlings have a history?

They do, and it will be told in the majority of the project.

In the beginning, there manifested two beings: the Metathesioling Prime (Chaos Borderling) and the Borderling
of Order. During the beginning years of Earth’s creation, the Prime warped the world, everything was in chaos. The Borderling of Order drove a golden nail to its body, splitting it into 9 different Metathesiolings . It then created a void and banished them into a new world. The distorted land went with them and eventually grew into the Externus. The Universe and the Externus became two huge worlds, Order and Chaos respectively.

Are the Borderlings real? Would I be able to see one for myself?

Maybe, maybe not. They are loosely based off of mythology, folklore, urban legends and everyday objects and events. Most myths can be called fake, a stuff of fantasies. Some myths turn out to be true, some are debunked and considered false.

But my depictions of these Borderlings are just from my imagination...


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