let's have a chat in the late night

hours, shall we?
Species: Neon Lights Borderling

Type: Figment

Threat Level: •

Mentality: Sentient - Average

Manifestations: Common

Chance of Visibility: 74%

Height: 5'4ft (152.4cm)

Weight: 1mg (0.001g)

Activity: 9 hours

Respawn Count: 20

Frequency: 34Hz - 123MHz

Effect Radius: 12ft

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About the Borderling

The Chromodromolings are neon-light-based Borderlings. They resemble a light painting of different creatures. Their size, colors, and appearance vary between each individual. Their forms are always elongated with long tails and snouts. Spines line their backs.

They have no biological structure and acts like an animated light painting. Their motions are jerky but fluid. The way they love is similar to stop-motion animation.

They speak using visible speech bubbles. When read by Witnesses, they will read it only in its voice. They said that the Chromodromoling's voice varies but is always masculine and raspy.

Impure Chromodromolings flicker in and out of existence.

The Chromodromolings appear late at night. They can be seen hovering near neon lights around shops, bars, and lounging areas. They travel between dimensions through the gasses the neon lights produce.

Additional Artwork, Subspecies, and Forms

None, as of yet.

The Chromodromolings are mild-mannered and love to commune with people who interact with it. Although they're highly social Borderlings, they won't grow attached to strangers and keep to themselves. Just like the customers who work in shops and order food, they only commune with people when needed.

They chuckle to themselves when they hear something interesting in a conversation, like a joke or a reaction from a human being.

When not near neon signs, the Chromodromoling draws different variations of itself around objects of interest. Using its fingers, it draws an outline of another creature on the surface or in the air. After another Chromodromoling instantly appears, they travel to different neon signs nearby. This form of reproducing is vital to the Chromodromoling's survival.

It avoids light-eating Borderlings at all costs. Without means of defending itself, it will diminish when near a predatory Borderling.

Whenever near a Cromodromoling, look for flickering lights. Its Effect Radius will dim any neon lights around it. If you hear a voice inside your head asking if you're looking for something, it is a sure sign of a Chromodromoling presence.  Answer 'yes' and it will appear in front of you with an interactive speech bubble. It acts like a voice-to-text application. Speaking in front of it will make your words appear in the speech bubble. Saying 'goodbye' will end the communication with the Chromodromoling.