Date of Event: 2/23/2016
Time the picture was taken: 08:19 am
Sightings Time length: 00:23:31

Location: Near a garden in front of a large, red apartment building
Borderlings involved: Aqualing - Rain subspecies, Pure
People Affected: Male, 5'3, 150lbs
Items Affected: 0

Researcher's Notes: The witness saw the Borderling while walking their dog, a German Shepard mix, female. As the canine began to bark at the hedge, and the owner thought she spotted a mouse. As he shrugged it off and passes by the affected area, he began to heel light-headed and starts to see geometric shapes flashing in the corners of his eyesight. I passed the same area as the gentleman and I began to feel the effects of the Aqualing. It was like being in a dream...

Date of Event: 4/04/2016
Time the picture was taken: 10:02 pm
Sightings Time length: 02:56:04 (estimate)

Location: Unfinished area at the ---- Hotel near an auto retail store
Borderlings involved: Eikostioling - Pure, Iomechanoling (x2) - Pure
People Affected: none
Items Affected: 1x Iron Pipe

Researcher's Notes: Minutes before I went upstairs to my temporary home, I saw both rust and yellow foam pulsing and throbbing from the concrete in the unfinished part of the lobby. It was a disgusting mix of brown and vomit-yellow that came out of nowhere. There, I saw the fight take place, a bizarre titan, the Eikostioling was ambushed and is ready to get mauled by the two Iomechanolings. Knowing of their effect radius made me kept my distance. Rust had formed around the leather of my shoes before I head back upstairs to my room.

Date of Event: 4/27/2016
Time the picture was taken: 07:32 am
Sightings Time length: 00:7:31

Location: In the suburban area 2 blocks south of a dog park
Borderlings involved: Eoscynoling (x4) - Pure
People Affected: Female, 5'2, 130.2lbs
Items Affected: 0

Researcher's Notes: A woman was acting strangely while going out for a morning jog. She can't stop skipping and dancing minutes after running through a bright-green fog! At first, I thought she had won the lottery or something until I came close to an oddly-colored mist. I felt a slight boost of energy, thanks to the Eoscynoling. Thankfully, the mist cleared up before I had too much of a good benefit.

Date of Event: 5/3/2016
Time the picture was taken: 06:24 pm
Sightings Time length: 00:01:36

Location: Nearby an alley on the left side of a vacant office building
Borderlings involved: Metathesioling (Green-Blood variant) - Pure
People Affected: none
Items Affected: 0

Researcher's Notes: The Metathesiolings are usually uncommon, and I thought I was lucky, and also somewhat unlucky, seeing one for myself. Thankfully it didn't bother to contort me into a green, pulsating mass that is a Changeling mutant.

Date of Event: 8/18/2016
Time the picture was taken: 10:14 pm
Sightings Time length: 00:02:12

Location: Suburbs, on the streets, one block away from a family-owned market
Borderlings involved: Nocticynoling (x3) - Pure
People Affected: none
Items Affected: 0

Researcher's Notes: It is so eerie seeing these things. They looked almost like dogs but, in reality, they're black mists that take shape of a familiar form. Their overly large eyes scan the streets, obviously on the hunt.

Date of Event: 11/26/2016
Time the picture was taken: 6:45 pm
Sightings Time length: 00:03:34

Location: A vacant space inside a large office building
Borderlings involved: Metathesioling (Violet-Blood variant) - Pure
People Affected: Male, 5'7 (formerly), 212lbs
Items Affected: 0

Researcher's Notes: A Violet-Blood Metathesioling was seen smothering a man with its extendable body. He was in his late 20's. After the photo has been taken, the man's skin begins to stretch and contort below the Borderling. It was like that 90's toy, Stretch Armstrong, I believe. But it was too late to rescue the man. Then again, why am I having more Metathesioling sightings? Why are they desperate to mutate anything around them? I need to find out...

Date of Event: 3/03/2017
Time the picture was taken: 5:10 am
Sightings Time length: 00:07:34

Location: Suburbs, on the streets near a school playground
Borderlings involved: Purinsumocholings - 1 Pure, 1 Corrupted
People Affected: none
Items Affected: 0

Researcher's Notes: The garbage trucks came in an hour or two earlier today, or so I thought. No trucks can be seen. As I looked into my phone, I got a clear look at two Purinsumocholings. The first one seems to be in a hurry, trying to run with its seemingly frail legs but is only capable of trodding. That's when I got a glance at the second one. Its face was missing. Instead was a gaping hole! An eerie feeling crept through me as I watch the two mammoth creatures pass by.

Date of Event: 6/20/2017
Time the picture was taken: 8:28 pm
Sightings Time length: 00:05:54

Location: City's streets, near an alleyway and some auto shops
Borderlings involved: Scopolings (x2), Pure
People Affected: none
Items Affected: 0

Researcher's Notes: I felt a strong presence in front of me. My phone vibrated soon after and I picked it up. Assuming it was a notification that my phone's batteries was low (it was 14% at the time), there's a message that reads, '███████, stop. Don't look at their eyes, look through the camera.' Strange...Now my phone is directly talking to me. I tapped the Camera icon to view the Borderling, or should I say Borderlings. They seemed to be heading in the direction opposite of me. They stopped what they're doing and stared at me, becoming tense. Seconds of silence had passed until I heard one of them whisper "No. Now it's not the time," and crawled up a wall, making a u-turn in another direction. The other Borderling seemed to back away from me, still keeping its many eyes on me with caution. I don't blame them. Most Borderlings, when they encounter humans, will take precaution. Before I got the chance to talk to the creature, it turned away, nose first, and hurried to catch up with the other.

Date of Event: 7/14/2017
Time the picture was taken: 9:52 pm
Sightings Time length: 00:03:27

Location: Suburbs, near a cross street
Borderlings involved: Homichlolings - (x0) Pure, (x2) Corrupted (near Streetlight)
People Affected: none
Items Affected: 1 Streetlight

Researcher's Notes: Another notification from my phone, "Write what you see before you forget, ███████." Forget about what? I need to find a way to communicate with my own phone once I get to my place. The Camera icon pulsed a familiar light. What I saw was the most magnificent sight. Dancing around the street light were a swarm of small Borderlings. They bob and hover around the artificial light almost in a similar fashion to seahorses. I felt tempted to touch their seemingly soft and delicate bodies. Before I examine them any further, I looked at the time. It's almost 10pm and I should head home. The next day I will come up with a name of these Borderlings.

7/15/2017, 10:05am
After my morning routine, I looked at my notes to see what Borderlings I had encountered recently. When did I see Borderlings dancing around a street light? I don't remember what happened after I saw them. I should thank my phone, or what's in my phone, for letting me know ahead of time. I got two notifications. My phone vibrated again. It read,'Your Right Eye' and 'Let me give you my's █████'

Date of Event: 8/21/2017
Time the picture was taken: 10:26 am
Sightings Time length: 00:01:54

Location: Suburbs, on top of a house
Borderlings involved: ████████████ - Unknown
People Affected: none
Items Affected: none

Researcher's Notes: This was seen during the partial solar eclipse this morning. I can't see much detail because it keeps itself covered in a strong shadow. When I looked directly at the creature, I got after-images of pale-white, crescent shapes in my vision for the rest of the day! The Borderling, whatever that was, flew over me and disappeared. The Right Eye sent me a text message which read,'This is a much older Borderling, not within the Modern or Contemporary Age, estimated 1400 B.C' I thought I was going to go blind, but in the next day, around 11:30 am, my eyesight reverted back to normal. I was in so much relief...


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