- Added 3 new pieces of artwork.

- Improved artwork of the Glucovermiling and Frequbaroling

- Added a new subentry for the Antloling

- Changed the information box underneath each artwork

- Changed the background and parts of the website's theme


- Added 3 new pieces of artwork.

- Added 2 new entries: the Homichloling and the Scopoling

- Added alternative art for the Iomechanoling

- Redesigned the website's format


- Added 1 subentry to Jangelafructoling


- The Odd Encounters are now available!

- Moved existing story entries to the Odd Encounters

Added 3 new entries to The Witness Galleries

- Reformated the Modern Borderlings entry listings

- Corrected a few typos (proofreader needed)


- Fixed some entries

- Remodeled the main page


- Added 2 new Borderlings: the Botanoling and the Myxoling

- Added 1 new Subspecies of the Jangelafructoling, the Samhain-Jangelafructoling

- Thanks to www.grammarly.com, all overlooked typos and grammar errors had been fixed!


- Added 3 new Borderlings: the Clinosceptoling, Globoling, and the Nomoling

- Fixed the 'Previous' and 'Next' Buttons

- Reformatted the left Entries bar


- Added an animated 2nd header for the front page

- Added new backgrounds for each entry

- Fixed some issues


- Fixed the broken link to the Nomoling page

- Rewritten the Intercyberling and Iomechanoling descriptions

- Fixed the sidebar on the Myxoling page


- Released Discovered By Others

- Fixed the title format on some of the Borderling Entries

- Added a fan entry to the Odd Encounters.


- Added 1 new Borderling, the Techoatychiling

- Remodeled the size charts

- Added a fan entry to the Odd Encounters.

- Moved the Photoauglialing into Modern Age Borderlings, making it the Lantern Borderling


- Redesigned the Modern Age (and 2 Middle Age) Borderling pages

- Corrected some listings

- Added a fan entry to the Odd Encounters.

- Improved on the Oneiroling's design

- Added audio recordings to the Metathesioling and the Techoatychiling

  Minor Update: 4/02/18

- Fixed all the buttons on the Home Page and all Modern Age Borderling entries

- Fixed the Eoscynoling link


- Added 2 new Discovered by Others Borderlings: the Artificturling and the Maculoessumling

- Added a fan entry to the Odd Encounters

- Improved on the Discovered by Others and Odd Encounters pages' layout

   Minor Update: 4/21/18

- Renamed the Witness to 'Owen Teague'


- Added 1 New Borderling in the Modern Age Category: The Dromoling

- Rearranged the list properly

- Changed parts of the 'About the Borderlings' page

    Minor Update: 5/06/18

- Changed more to the About page


- Closed the Modern Age Borderling guide for reconstruction

- Added 'Recent Discoveries' to the Home page

- Changed the format to the Odd Encounters

- Added a new short story to the Odd Encounters

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