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First Sighting: 2016 

The Concrete Harvesters

Type: Concrete Borderling
Species: Resident

Threat Level: Moderate - High

Frequency: 1354MHz - 1538GHz

Stability: 80%

Mentality: Sentient - Average

Height: 10'5ft (318cm)
Weight: 1254.1lbs (568kg)

Activity: 13 hours
Respawn Count: 7

Visibility: 60%

Effect Radius: 25ft

Method to see the Borderling: Far Infrared

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 48% - 77%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 45% - 79%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: 79%

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: 54%

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: 96%

Time and Locations: Cities, Outdoors (Daytime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 28.6%


The Potamoling originated from the industrial use of both steel and concrete.

It resembles a gargoyle made out of concrete and pipes that are haphazardly melted in. It has a humanoid face with no mouth. Rusted yet polished copper pipes weave in and out of the Borderling's concrete body. These pipes, despite their solidity, can move slowly and with a metallic grating sound. Between the joints of the Potamoling wings are cyan, glowing membranes made out of its own energy. Twisted cables sprout out of its tail ending with blocks in variable sizes.

The Potamoling's hollow body is filled with a chunky yellow sludge, which acts similar to wet cement, and has an odor similar to a mixture of clay and burned wood. This strange clay has 12,600 different types of minerals, most of them are not from this dimension. A musty, earthy smell emits from the sludge.

Humans and other Borderlings won't hear it speak. A metallic, droning hum can be heard resonating from inside the Borderling's body.

An impure Potamoling will have deformed and asymmetric proportions in its appearance. Its body sloughs in places like it aren't capable of holding itself together.

Effects on Its Surroundings

Any individual who goes within 36ft (1097.28cm) of the Potamoling's effect radius will have their entire body cavity slowly fill up with the same yellow clay as the Borderling's. Longer exposures will cause a person's body to become sluggish as their bones and muscles liquify and become like wet cement. The substance will start to excrete from their pores and other orifices and hardens within 6 minutes afterward. An hour and 40 minutes later, the victim will be petrified.
The transmutation of construction workers around the Potamoling will soon result in a garden of human statues, mouths, and eyes wide open in shock and horror, dripping with yellow sludge. Concrete and granite will manifest in thin layers that will build up o
ver time. The Potamoling's surroundings will be grainy from months of concrete buildup. Pipes will stop flowing and steel bars will be covered by the gunk. The petrification process will also affect Borderlings that have empty body cavities and openings around their body.

An impure Potamoling will have a weaker Effect Radius and will take longer for a human or other Borderlings to become petrified.

Diet and Behavior

The Potamoling has a watchful disposition. It watches its territory through the highest place places in the city. The Borderling only moves from its place if it sees an unaffected human being.
It doesn't flap its wings and will levitate 25ft (762cm) off the ground.

When a person or Borderling becomes a victim of petrification, the Potamoling follow them unnoticed until they have succumbed to the transmutation.
Whenever a statue is near empty, the Potamoling uses its tubes on its torso to fill the statue. Sometimes, it breaks arms and heads to let more clay flow from these hollow husks. The grossly yellow gunk is vital for the Potamoling's health. Using the needle on its chin, it absorbs the sludge.
When supplies are low, the Borderling will become desperate. It moves from its spot and follows people from a safe distance, allowing its effect radius to petrify the unwary victims.

The Potamoling becomes corrupted when it doesn't farm enough clay to keep it healthy. If it stays ill, the Borderling will become sluggish and will act more impatient. After 6
hours had passed, and the Potamoling will become immobile, like the statues it collects.
The Borderling will also compete with one another to showcase how many statues it had collected. The competitor with the bigger collection will invite

The effects the Potamoling has in it's surroundings.
its rival to stay within its territory. Any persistence after the invitation, the winning Potamoling will create a border that separates the two territories.
During stormy weather, the Potamoling uses it's levitating blocks to anchor itself to the ground.

Despite its flimsy body structure, the Borderling can endure hurricane winds. Water and frost, on the other hand, will slowly erode the Borderling unless it has enough clay inside its body to endure wear and tear.

Location, Survival on Earth and Interdimensional Travel

The Potamoling can be found in or around construction sites. A common place for the Borderling to appear are inside unfinished skyscrapers, underneath bridges, and around large dams and reservoirs. The Borderling emerges head first out of a puddle of yellow sludge that manifested into our dimension. Afterwards, it finds the highest place to silently judge the world around it.

The clay the Potamoling absorbs from petrified victims can also be used to create shrines in which it makes as temporary portals. It uses levitation to manipulate the strange substance into unique formations. Each of these Borderlings will make entryways that are unique in shape, size, and architecture. If one of these gates break, the Potamoling will soon build a new one.

Because an impure Potamoling won't have enough resources to make these gates, it is likely to become trapped in this world and its sludge will diminish inside their body until itself will become a lifeless, hollow husk. But if a pure Potamoling spots the struggling Borderling before its death, it will show signs of empathy and make a shrine for it to enter into the Externus. The corrupted Potamoling will have no other choice than to accept the other individual's kind offer. After nourishment, it will recover and return back to full health.
The Potamoling will return to the Externus by making a large wall of sludge, 20ft (609.6cm) in radius. Before it dries, the Borderling will enter inside.

Discovered by Partlysmith

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