I saw the Boogeyman Last Night
Borderlings Involved: Claustronoctiling

Back when I was a child, I didn't believe in the Boogeyman, that is until I saw one for myself. It was back in 1982, I was 6 at the time. At 8 pm, after dinner, I heard my mom say,"Did you hear that? He's coming for you because you were being a bad girl. Go to sleep, or he'll gobble you up!" at ten minutes until 9 pm. I moaned with great displeasure. It's not because of the monster in the closet. School's tomorrow and I need to sleep early! Turning off my game console, I immediately head upstairs and threw myself on my bed. Sleep didn't come as fast, knowing that my bratty older sister, 10 years of age, just pulled an all-nighter. In about 11 pm, she screamed and ran towards mom's bedroom. I think I overheard her saying something about a huge claw reaching out from her closet door. 'It wasn't real. She was doing that just to have her parents fix her something in the fridge', I thought. That one night, I should've headed to dreamland. It was ten minutes before midnight, and I saw a large head of a creature peeking out from my own closet. Two pairs of glowing red eyes were glaring at me! As it moved its head further out, I get to see its face. Its face was pointy, like a witch, and a large, furry body. Now I believed it was real! It was a terrible sight to behold. I pulled my bedsheets over my head, trembling. Minutes seemed like an eternity as I heard it breathing with raspy, shallow breaths. When I heard no signs of the beast, I felt at peace. After a quiet night, sleep came shortly. From now on, I believed my mom was right about the monsters in our closet and underneath our bed. For my older sister, well, mom said it took awhile for her to come back home after misbehaving.

The Imaginary Friend
Borderlings involved: Coulrodracoling

I asked my son, Jeremy, who's 5 years old at the time, 'Did you have fun in the playhouse with the other children today?' and he answered, 'Yes, daddy, I did! I wanted to show them Bonzo, but they were too scared. But they played with him later once I told them he's nice. Now they think he's the coolest dragon in the world! Want to play with him?' Then, he showed me something that made my eyes widen in shock. In his hands were a blob of light-blue, glowing slime. Droplets hit the ground, crystallizing a few seconds after.

I realized that this is no imaginary friend. Immediately I saw a large blue dragon dressed in clown clothes, grinning at me. I was both frightened and confused until the thing tilted its head. "What's the matter? Do you want to play?", it said. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. The creature chuckled like a child would until it disappeared a few seconds after. Jeremy's smile got even wider. "You saw him?" he asked. I replied, "Yes, yes I do."

The ‘O’ in Life
Borderlings Involved: Unknown

Remember the ‘O’ in life. That’s what I heard in my mind. I don’t know why the O is of high importance to me suddenly. It was early in the morning, like 3:34 am, and I was watching TV. A strange informercial came up. It didn’t advertise any weird product, like those sauna pants, or whatever they’re called, and it lasted for around 10 seconds. It begins with a green screen, white letters showed up, reading ‘Remember…’. It slowly fades away. Shortly after, a huge white ‘O’ came up in a flash. A disembodied male voice then told me to ‘remember the ‘O’ in life’ followed by a soft ‘oooohhhh…’ It’s almost creepy. It's like this person, or thing, is actually speaking to me. As if nothing happened, regular programming assumes. Cutting tools, nothing special.

You Are What You Eat
Borderlings Involved: Jangelafructoling

There was once a man who visited a coffee shop. He ordered a cake pop to satisfy his sweet tooth and found a table in the back to enjoy his treat. When a few minutes had passed, his stomach started to rumble. He thought something didn’t agree with him and immediately head to the bathroom. But when he got there, he knows something’s not right. His stomach gained a red hue and he couldn’t buckle his belt. He felt light-headed, losing control as his lower body continues to gurgle and swell with…red strawberry filling. He lumbered towards the back of the shop, his body changing, candy growing everywhere. He laid on his back, changing into a large mess of candy. The gurgling stopped. A shadow of a monster can be seen on the walls, smacking its lips in hunger. I was there when that happened. Thankfully, I didn’t eat any of the sweets that night.

Do Not Yank the Strings!
Borderlings Involved: Globoling

One time, I found this strange balloon animal at the park, tied to a bench near the playground. The balloons were somehow glued to one another to make what it looks like to be a 6-legged elephant. The park seems empty and one seems to be there. I guess a child forgot their balloon? There’s not a soul to claim the balloon animal so why not take it with me? The sight of it gave me a pleasant flashback to my childhood, how I got a balloon flower from a clown at my party. After untying the string, I tried the thing on my wrist so it won’t get lost again. That’s when it did something that scared the hell out of me. Immediately after I tugged the string, it let out a squeak and suddenly dropped to the grassy ground before me! I thought it was a child, but it was something else. The balloon, after gravity had hit it, started to flail and twitch, like it was fighting an unseen attacker. As it struggles, I can clearly see it bubbling and swelling in different places. I stood there in shock, disturbed yet fascinated all at once. The sounds it makes are beginning to hurt my ears. The squeaking, rubbing against rubber, getting louder and louder… I have to cover my ears when the creature gave its last screech before popping. It wasn't that loud, to my surprise. I checked if the remains of the balloon creature are still there….nothing, nothing is there on the grass. Was I imagining things? It seems all too real. Before I recollect what just happened, I start to feel parts of my body bubbling, just like the balloon. I panicked and headed towards the park’s bathroom. My neck, arms, legs, and stomach feel like they're twice their own size and was straining against my skin. I thought I was going to pop until I looked in that dingy, scratched mirror. I looked...normal? It doesn't justify the feeling of being inflated. This is going to drive me insane! But thank God it lasted for a few minutes. After regaining my senses, I immediately headed back home. For now, I have great respect for any lost balloon animals. You wouldn't know if they're actually alive.

The Sky is Dead
Borderlings Involved: Frequbaroling

As I looked out of my car window, I saw a strange sight. A hole was opening up in the sky like an unseen force is tearing up the sky. I can see the stars and the milky way for a brief moment! I have to stop the car and park it somewhere to take a picture, but a pained scream interrupted me. Someone's in danger, and I have to check to see what's going on! I got out of the car and head towards the sound.
What I saw made me freeze in shock. A woman was pale as a ghost, eyes wide open, truly frightened. In front of her was...a human. Whatever he or she was is mutating, distorting constantly. Throughout it's murmuring, I can make out a few words:
'The sky is dead. The Sky is Dead Tttttthhhheeee skkkky is ddeeeeeee...'

I have to take her by the hand. Both of us were obviously scared. Before I started the car, I hear her struggle to speak. 'Ma'am......m-my...my...husband.."
"What about him? Do you have his number?", I replied. She broke into tears. "He saw the UFO and...became...that..."

The Blue lights
Borderlings Involved: Aqualing , subspecies: Unknown

The time where I saw the blue lights was early in the spring, around March last year. It was 5:20 am and the neighborhood glowed with a deep blue hue, the break of dawn. After I woke up, I met with the most beautiful view in my front yard. Maybe it was all a dream because it’s too unreal. Floating sheets of liquid were slowly circling around each other in a heavenly waltz around my front lawn. Dew was forming on the blades of grass. The sprinklers were turned on a minute or so later, making the dance more pleasant to look at. They seem to enjoy the extra water, now parting ways to glide around the sprinklers. The dew began to pulse and glow like stars. I began to see beautiful blue lights in my vision as I slowly doze off...I woke up at my usual time, 8 O' clock, and there weren't any signs of these creatures. Maybe I was dreaming.

Fear the War Machine (New)
Borderlings involved: (Unknown)

The encounters below are taken from an article in a newspaper. A few days later, the newspaper was reprinted without the sightings.

Reports of a Nazi war machine have been sighted in New York City's Central Park today. Large amounts of the local populous have sighted the machine in Central Park, although witnesses have said "It didn't do much. It just stood there, as if looking for something.". Witnesses described the mech as looking like a dog but attached to some sort of weird machine. It had something similar for a head, with cables going in and out of its body. Above its back pair of legs, two appendages could be seen, presumably to pump in fresh air for its pilots and pump used air out. As per protocol in the case of an attack, citizens stayed in their homes but reported their televisions to be malfunctioning, presumably from a signal jammer inside the war machine. When armed troops entered New York City to destroy both the mech and the Nazis piloting it, witnesses claimed to have seen it "Vanish into thin air". This is indeed the case, as our troops found no trace of the weapon. The only evidence to prove that it once stood in Central Park were four rectangular indents, presumably from its feet. If you have any more information about this machine, please contact your local authorities.

By the Witness 'That Pointy Thing'

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