First Sighting: 1754

The Wild Phantom Dogs that go Bump in the Night.
 Type: Feral Dog Borderling
Species: Ilmestys
Threat Level: Low

Frequency: 30Hz - 56Hz

Stability: 24%

Mentality: Animal - Hunter

 Height: 3'9ft (?cm)
Weight: 23lbs  (10kg)

Activity: 8 hours - 9 hours
Respawn Count: 3

Visibility: 36% - 50%

Effect Radius: 0.5ft

"Tonight is the night of shadows, Charlie. Tonight is the night for the Night Hounds."


Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Infrared Light

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 27% - 41%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 9% - 33%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: 81%

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: none

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: none

Time and Locations: Suburbs, Outdoors (Nighttime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 7.44%

Audio File

A pack of Nocticynoling barking in the distance.

The Nocticynoling originated from the wild dogs, like coyotes and foxes, that visit the suburbs in search of a meal. 

It's a nocturnal counterpart of the Eoscynoling , which also resembles a vague dog-shape with no visible feet. The Borderling is more slender in shape and appears hairless. It has broad, flat crests on each side of their head that have an appearance of ears. It has glowing, yellow eyes with no pupils. Smoke-like tendrils wisp freely from the Borderling's tail and legs.

The surface of its skin is smooth, oily, and surprisingly tough. The Nocticynoling's flesh is made out of the same materials as its skin and can easily vaporize into black smoke when exposed to air.

It has no visible mouth in its long snout, but it can still communicate with chirps, howls, and yelps, similar to a wild dog.

An impure Nocticynoling won't keep its shape. Its smoky body will violently flare out in places and its eyes will glow red.

Effect on Its Surroundings

The Nocticynoling have an illusionary effect towards fauna. A person will view them as coyotes, foxes or wolves, but will have a different effect if they get too close to the Borderling. If a human or another Borderling species crosses its path, both the Nocticynoling and the individual will immediately freeze in place until it turns in the other direction. This only happens when standing above any form of artificial light. If a person happens to touch a Nocticynoling, they will feel a cold chill on the surface of their skin. The effect will last as long as 7 minutes, a good amount of time for the Nocticynoling to escape.

12% of the fauna can see through the Nocticynoling illusion. When a dog spots the creature, it will bark at it frantically. 2.5% of dogs will follow the Borderling but cats will simply ignore it.

Diet and Behavior

The Nocticynoling have a sky and elusive disposition, avoiding any human contact but loves to be around dogs. It can hover 7 inches off the ground and can’t go over 3ft
(91.44cm) off the ground. The Nocticynoling can muster enough energy to ‘leap' a foot while gliding, but that’s all they can do with much effort. 

If the Nocticynoling bumps into any object that blocks its path, it uses their fast reflexes and bounces off the object and into the opposite direction. It can only go on a straight line on sidewalks and roads.
Whenever a human or Borderling gains physical contact with the Nocticynoling, either by touch or physical attack, it will yelp in panic and run away. The Nocticynoling will chirp frequently when there are other Borderlings of their kind running on the same path.

The Noctiscynoling's diet is made up of small, furry animals. Lizards and birds are ignored. Cats are hard to catch because the Nocticynoling can't climb trees. Rats and mice are their ideal diet. They eat by absorbing the prey into its head since they don't have mouths.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Nocticynoling can be found in the suburbs at nighttime. Balls of smoke will manifest into our world like little black holes before the Borderling fully materialize. It appears as thin, black smoke at first, then changes into its full form 19 minutes after the sun sets.

The Nocticynoling explores the streets of the cities and suburbs it generates in. Once it gets accustomed to its surroundings, the Nocticynoling will soon hunt for food. If it were killed, Nocticynoling will act like any normal dog if it gets wounded. Soon after the Borderling's death, its body immediately turns into smoke and generate into a new Nocticynoling. The Borderling will stand in one place with a bewildered expression before choosing a straight path to follow.

When dawn comes, it shudders and cries as it returns back to the Externus as black smoke. The Borderling doesn't have the willpower to stay as long as the sun is visible.

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