First Sighting: 1992

The Changelings
 Type: Metamorphosis Borderlings
Species: Residents
Threat Level: Low - High

Frequency: 345MHz - 870THz

Stability: 55% - 78%

Mentality: Animal - Hunter

 Height: See Sub Entries
Weight: See Sub Entries

Activity: See Entry Below
Respawn Count: 10

Visibility: 10% - 78.4%

Effect Radius: 10ft

'There was a report that two women, ages 16 and 19, were missing after heading home from the park. A neighbor heard a commotion outside and saw a spilled trash can and something out of the ordinary: There were globs of glowing green slime next to it. The women had simply vanished. The only trace of them are footsteps coming from the slime.
From our knowledge, this is an incident from an area with a Metathesioling infestation, and there is a new mutant in the neighborhood. We are now likely to find another pocket dimension to extract valuable resources.'
- Reports from the Columbus Society

Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Ultraviolet Light

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 74% - 90%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 100%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: 87%

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: 62%

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: 7%

Time and Locations: Suburbs and Cities, Indoors (Nighttime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 38.0%


The Metathesiolings originated from ancient history where they used to be one Prime Borderling. Each Metathesioling is identified as 'Changelings'.

They vary in shapes and sizes, mostly resembling a serpentine form. They have an elongated body, mostly including a tapering tail and a long neck. These species of Borderlings are always vibrantly colored. Each Metathesioling will have two or more heads. Their teeth are connected to their heads.

Single-colored, glowing tendrils make up the insides of their bodies. They are at variable lengths, ranging up to 1ft to 8ft (30.48cm - 243.84cm) long. Pressing hard on their transparent underbellies will leave a thick, oily ooze that sticks to anything it gains contact.
Their skin and flesh are smooth and slippery, like wet latex. Their heads and claws are thick and sturdy. Their entire bodies can heal within seconds.

These colorful Borderlings communicate with throaty growls and gurgling sounds.

There are 9 Metathesioling variations in total matching the color spectrum: Blue, Indigo, Purple/Violet, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Cyan/Turquoise. Witnesses saw 4 more colors, but it isn't confirmed yet.

Impure Metathesiolings will have desaturated skin and tendrils, and feel more sticky to the touch. Their slime will be a dull grey in color.

Effect on Its Surroundings

The  Metathesiolings' presence will immediately distort their surroundings. The effect radius' mutations are subtle for 5 seconds but noticeable changes will be visible within 10 minutes.
The slime inside the Metathesiolings' bodies can mutate any living thing that gains contact. Each color affects how the fauna will change. The transformation will affect their anatomy and their behavior. For example, Yellow will affect their bones more than Cyan, which affects their organs.
The higher the color spectrum, the more energetic the
mutant will be. An individual who is transformed with the Red Blood will be restless while the Blue Blood mutants will be nearly stationary. The transformation will occur soon after the organic matter gains contact with the slime. The victim will become light-headed, and will gradually fall into a trancelike state. The process will seem painful, but they don't show signs of agony. Parts of their body will overtake them and they will drastically increase in size. The result is a horribly disfigured humanoid.

Slime from an impure Metathesioling will have a negative effect on organic matter. Mutants to revert back to their original form at first, but longer exposure will make them deteriorate gradually to the point of severe weakness or death. Any normal living tissue exposed by ill slime will also have the same deteriorating effect.
Rarely, the mutated genetic coding within the organic matter will remain intact and can only transform when exposed to the same color. An example will be if a Green mutated person returns to normal, they won't change back by any other slime except for Green.

Mutant halflings within human individuals occur 20% of the time than fully mutated individuals. These halflings will turn into other creatures under their own control by touching them. Their abilities are limited to mutating in the Externus, unless they find another Borderling to change into. The only changes that will happen in the person's appearance are their hair, eyes, teeth, blood, and nails.

Diet and Behavior

Each Metathesioling has different behavioral patterns. The warmer the color spectrum, the more active the Borderlings will be. As an example, Blue is more dormant than Red.

All Metathesiolings will have a savage and unruly disposition. Indigo, however, has a sentient mind and is said to be the Brain of the Metathesiolings. Therefore, it identifies itself as the 'Mother Mind', despite its species being genderless. The Indigo Changeling behaves like a director of a crew, managing the other eight subspecies. Around other sentient beings, it sees them as a blank canvas, having a strong need to mutate them and claim them as part of a growing family (hence its nickname).

They don't have any diet, but they can be seen eating each other's tendrils to recover mass after mutating a victim.

Impure Metathesiolings will behave erratically and will fight against its own species until one of them dies. If the Indigo Changeling gets corrupted, others of its kind will act in hostile bewilderment.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Metathesiolings can enter into our world through bright and slimy portals and will be the same when going back into the Externus. They are usually active in secretive areas, away from large groups of people. Alleyways, parking lots, and inside homes are likely to have Metathesiolings. One to three different-colored Changelings will exist at a time. A manifestation of one of the Borderlings will tell what kind of changes the person will undergo. These Borderlings will stay with the victim until they're fully mutated. But when they feel threatened, they will quickly head to the Externus without putting up a fight. They will follow the person if they are needed to be transformed again. Even when the Metathesiolings are not present, the slime stays in this dimension as long as it can until it gains contact with another life form.

If a Changeling dies, their bodies will split open, and the tendrils will spill out in viscous heaps. After a day has passed, the corpse will disappear, and it will be replaced by a new Metathesioling of the same color.

Legends tell that the Prime Changeling's power was so severe that the Prime Gatekeeper has to split it into 9 Changelings. Any distortion it had caused will be sealed along with these Borderlings, becoming the Externus and the residents on that dimension. In the present, the 9 Changelings had gained enough power to enter our dimensional plane, however, they cannot merge into their original form as of yet.


  1. 4 out of 9

    The Red-Blood Changeling

    23ft - 73ft (701cm, 2225cm)

    Weight: 1265.7lbs (573.7kg)

    It is the largest and heaviest of the subspecies. The Borderling moves without stopping and will involuntarily twitch. When an obstacle blocks its way, it moves the object to another place without any effort. The Metathesioling loves to please others with its immense strength.
    It mutates people by covering them with their tendrils.
    Their red blood will Affect their muscular system.

  2. 7 out of 9

    The Indigo-Blood Changeling

    18ft - 42ft (548cm, 1280cm)

    Weight: 864.8lbs (391.9kg)

    It's three heads have three secondary heads each and it gives orders to the other eight subspecies.
    It humbly bows and nods like its mistening to a being more higher than itself.

    The Metathesioling calls itself the Mother Mind and it treats mutants as part of its growing family.
    Their indigo blood affects the consciousness.

  3. 8 out of 9

    The Blue-Blood Changeling

    1ft - 8ft (30cm, 243cm)

    Weight: 176.9lbs (79.8kg)

    It's the smallest of the subspecies. It levitates in a way like it's submersed in water.
    The Metathesioling will watch other their victims in secret places. When exposed from its hiding place, it will act timid and immediately find another seclusive place.
    It will shove its tendrils in their victim's orifices.
    Their blue blood affects the internal organs.

  4. 9 out of 9

    The Cyan-Blood Changeling

    15ft - 36ft (457cm, 1097cm)

    Weight: 542.8lbs (245.8kg)

    The Changeling appears to be breathing, but it has no functioning lungs.
    It has interests in inflatable objects. It will try to overfill its body with liquids or air, making itself appear bigger.

    Its gaseous breath can mutate a person on contact.
    Its Cyan blood affects the respiratory system.

  5. 6 out of 9

    The Purple-Blood Changeling

    4ft - 10ft (121cm, 304cm)

    Weight: 386.8lbs (175kg)

    This subspecies' skin can stretch without limit. It moves in long strides.
    The Metathesioling loves to grab and pull its own skin until it covers any surface, even if its skin gets cut with sharp objects. It has an interest in drums and trampolines.
    It mutates people by wrapping its skin around their body.

    Their purple blood will affect their skin.

  6. 5 out of 9

    The Magenta-Blood Changeling

    14ft - 19ft (426cm, 579cm)

    Weight: 642.9lbs (291.2kg)

    This subspecies' body is perceived as a three-headed creature or a bird with four wings.
    It moves backwards, forwards, and sideways. When not in motion, the Metathesioling will always taps its claws, like it is acting impatient. Sometimes it will tense and jerk its heads when being hit.
    It mutates people by touching their backs. Their magenta blood will affect their nervous system.

  7. 2 out of 9

    The Yellow-Blood Changeling

    7ft - 34ft (213cm, 1036cm)

    Weight: 698.9lbs (316.6kg)

    Its limbs are the longest of the subspecies and moves in jerky, erratic motions. Everytime it bends its limbs, sickening cracks and pops will be heard.
    The Metathesioling likes to break its own joints to see them regrow.
    It stabs its victim to inject its mutagen.

    Its yellow blood will Affect their skeletal system.

  8. 3 out of 9

    The Orange-Blood Changeling

    2ft - 67ft (60cm, 2042cm)

    Weight: 487.7lbs (220.8kg)

    It's the longest-bodied Metathesioling subspecies. The Borderling crawls on any surface without any error. It has a strange interest in glue and machinery, and will insert itself between crevices.
    The Metathesioling likes to pull apart objects. It mutates people by grabbing their arms or legs.

    Their orange blood will affects their cartilage.

  9. 1 out of 9

    The Green-Blood Changeling

    4ft,20ft (121cm, 609cm)

    Weight: 570.8lbs (258.5kg)

    This subspecies can crawl forwards or backwards and moves in undulating motions. Their feet will always step in a rhythm of a heartbeat.

    The Metathesioling's two heads will face an individual they want to change. It mutates people by vomiting on them.

    Their blood will affect the cardiovascular system.

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