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First Sighting: 2015

The Candy Eaters
Type: Candy Borderling
Species: Visitor
Threat Level: Moderate - High

Frequency: 345MHz - 655GHz

Stability: 78%

Mentality: Animal - Hunter

Height: 9'2ft (280.4cm)
Weight: 657lbs (298.5kg)
Activity: 8 hours, 34 minutes
Respawn Number: 26

Visibility: 22%

Effect Radius: See Entry

Method to see the Borderling: Near Infrared

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 54%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: See Entry

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: See Entry

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: 100%

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: 100%

Time and Locations: Cities, Indoors and Outdoors (Daytime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 19.5%


The Jangelafructoling originated from the temptation of eating candy. Candy consumption on Earth will be enough for the Borderling to manifest.

It resembles a large, hairy reptilian monster. Sharp, crystalline teeth line its long, pointed snout. A large tongue, with a needle at the tip, is inside the Borderling’s mouth. On the top and bottom jaw are two eyes each. They are either made up of hard or soft candy. Jagged horns, which has over 129 different candy material mixed inside, jut out from its shaggy head. Its hair has the same substance as cotton candy, and it covers the Jangelafructoling’s upper body, lower arms and feet, and the tip of its tail. Underneath its massive arms are smaller arms which are human in appearance. It has massive paws with large, curved claws. On its lower torso and tail is a stretchable membrane. Out of its rump is a long, tapering tail with a fluffy spiked club on the tip of its tail.

The Jangelafructoling is made out of 189,454 different variations of candies from Earth and from the Externus. Each individual Borderling has a different arrangement of candy growing from their bodies. Its body regenerates within seconds after being cut, broken, or melted. Wounds will heal with different variations of candy from before; however, If its limbs are severed, they won’t grow back. Inside its body are internal organs made out of gummy material and jelly, which is submerged in juice with the same color.

The Jangelafructoling speaks with a harsh, trailing growl. Its speech is always high in pitch, and when threatened or anxious, the Borderling will growl in short bursts that sound like chuckling or laughing.

An impure Jangelafructoling will have a mottled appearance and the smell of decay. Its skin and muscle tissue falls apart easily, and will only survive for 4 hours after manifesting.

Effects on Its Surroundings

The Jangelafructoling transforms its surroundings into a wide assortment of candy within its Effect Radius. Each individual Jangelafructoling's effects will have different sizes. Plants and objects alike will have a thin shell of candy growing from them after 35 minutes of exposure. Fiends that stay for longer periods of time will have its surroundings transformed into a temporary lair of candy. Because of the bland taste of these candies, the Borderling will only use them as part of its temporary domain.

The Jangelafructoling eats candy growing from fauna that had recently consumed candy, however, they are immune to the Borderling’s effects. The Borderling has a method to change any fauna, mostly humans, into candy for it to devour. With its humanlike hands, it takes a small part of itself. Teeth, fur, and scales are found in normal candies and pastries.
19 minutes after consumption, the victim will undergo a transmutation. Their insides will either turn into jelly or liquify while their body changes into a variation of hard and soft candy. The process will take an hour and 3 minutes, and will cause some discomfort to the victim. During the change, they will go into a trance and will head towards the lair of the Jangelafructoling. Lacking any willpower, they will prop themselves against the wall or building to continue with its transformation. After the fauna becomes a mound of sweets, the Jangelafructoling will eat its meal without hesitation. It is a messy eater, digging its snout and claws into the prey, jelly spraying everywhere as it dives in with great satisfaction. It eats the filling first then the outer shell. The remains will be stored for further consumption.

Diet and Behavior

The Jangelafructoling will always have a hungry and anticipated demeanor. While in its destined location, it eagerly waits for prey. It appears to be absent-minded, swaying its head slightly from side to side and flexes its hands and paws. The Borderling crawls on four legs most of the time and can levitate. When idle, it snaps its jaws with anticipation, drooling threads of colorful syrup.
Before devouring an individual or aGlucovermiling, the Jangelafructoling will gut them with its claws or tear apart their limbs to rearrange them.

When starving, the Jangelafructoling will search for others of its kind that are well nourished. Using their candy generating abilities, the other Borderling will fill itself until immobile, stretching its stomach wall and tail in the process. The other Jangelafructoling will feed on the other after it regurgitates excess jelly.

The Jangelafructoling predates on other candy-related Borderlings. The Glucovermiling, and their hives make most of the Borderling’s diet. Because the Fiend is made out of candy, it is immune to the other Borderling’s parasitic effects.

An impure Jangelafructoling will generate rotten candy within the victim, causing it to be famished from the lack of fresh food and death to its prey. Because they can be contagious, their healthier counterparts will avoid them at all costs.

Location, Survival on Earth and Interdimensional Travel

The Jangelafructoling can be found in shops where candy is sold. Warehouses, cafés, candy shops, theaters, gas stations, and loading docks will have these Borderlings. Storage places and back alleys are its ideal places to stay. It enters our world out of discarded candy wrappers. At first, the Jangelafructoling resembles a colorful thin strand of smoke. Within seconds, it materializes head-first into its original form.

It only has one predator: theCoulrodracoling. The other Borderling will occasionally feast on Jangelafructolings. Minimal bites won’t do it harm but will be killed if its head is eaten first.

The Jangelafructoling returns to the Externus the same way as it does entering our world. It dissipates back into its cloudy form, then it finds another candy wrapper to return to the Externus. Rarely, it uses baskets and candy containers to travel to the Externus and back to Earth. If the Jangelafructoling doesn’t find a place to exit soon, it will succumb to sickness.


  1. 4 out of 4

    The Samhain-Jangelafructoling

    Height: 3'8ft (91.4cm)

    Weight: 286lbs (129.7kg)

    The Samhain-Jangelafructoling only appears in October and is more energetic than the other Subspecies.

    Parties and festivals attract this kind of Jangelafructoling. It searches for bags of candy and mixes it's own candy inside wrappers.

    Individuals consuming candy from this Borderling won't have any outside changes. Their organs and blood, however, will change into vibrant colors of candy. They won't feel pain when cut open.

  2. 3 out of 4

    The Cryojangelafructoling

    Height: 1'6ft (60cm, 2042cm)

    Weight: 26.8lbs (220.8kg)

    The Cryojangelafructoling only appears during hot weather, mostly in summertime.

    They are more milder in demeanor then other Jangelafructolings, and they won't prey on affected human beings unless threatened. They perfer a diet of candy-mutated wild animals.

    Whenever an animal, or a human, eats a part of this Borderling, they will slowly turn into a mound of ice cream. Toppings will replace bone tissue and some parts of their body once the transformation is complete.

  3. 2 out of 4

    The Christo-Jangelafructoling

    Height: 10'5ft (320.4cm, 1036cm)

    Weight: 7
    83.4lbs (355.3kg)

    The ChristoJengelafructoling appears only in December. It has the same habits as its main species.

    Christmas candies attract this kind of
     Borderling. During closing hours, it places it's own candy in with others within their own containers.

    When people consume candy from this type of 
    , They slowly turn into jelly-filled gingerbread men. Decorations vary within each mutation.

  4. 1 out of 4

    The Common Jangelafructoling

    Height: 9'2ft (280.4cm)

    657lbs (258.5kg)

    The Common Jangelafructoling resides in and around loading docks and storage spaces. It is the most common species of its kind.

    After taking part of itself, it cleverly places it with sugary foods and wait until consumption.

    A person eating food with part of the Jengelafructlong inside will everntually turn into a bloated mound of candy. The Borderling then preys on its victim.

Discovered by Indigoelk's friend (no known link available)

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