First Sighting: 1986

The Digital Listeners, Watchers, and Observers
 Type: Computer Data Borderling
Species: Visitor
Threat Level: Low

Frequency: 20Hz - 5400GHz

Stability: 77%

Mentality: Sentient - Complex

 Height: 10ft (304.8cm)
Weight: 399.9lbs (68kg - 181kg)

Activity: 42 hours
Respawn Count: 10

Visibility: 28.8%

Effect Radius: 24ft


Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Eyesight

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 45% - 50%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 56% - 90%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: 20%

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: 43%

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: 90%

Time and Locations: Suburbs and Cities, Indoors (Daytime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 66.3%

The Intercyberling originated from the frequent use of the internet. Any type of wifi signal, public or private, are enough for these type of Borderlings to manifest into our world.

It resembles a very plump and amorphous, blue or indigo blob with multiple heads. Its many heads have an appearance and texture of folded cloth in resemblance to a basic shape of sock puppets. Each of the Intercyberling's heads is different in shape and size. Rarely there are two main heads instead of the usual single head. It has no eyes, only black gaping holes. The tentacles around the Borderling's body are able to hack electronics with physical contact. It has no visible feet.

The skin of the Intercyberling felt like damp cotton or denim. Its flesh is 5 inches thick and can only be cut with sharp objects. Despite its texture, its body is flexible like spandex.

The Intercyberling doesn't vocalize but it can only speak in various strings of code, which instantly transfers as random data on the internet.

An impure Intercyberling is more likely to have severed heads. Tattered holes can be seen on its body and the holes that make up its eyes are bigger than usual.

Effect on Its Surroundings

The Intercyberling's effect radius varies depending on the wifi-signal the Borderling manifests in. The more heads it has, the bigger the radius of its pocket dimensions will be. Larger Borderlings of the same species will have a 24ft (731.52cm) effect radius, out-sizing any wi-fi signal.

People who intrude onto the Intercyberling's effect radius will enter into a dimly lit stairway, which is drastically deeper than it originally was. 56% the time, the individuals will be taken to a vast and distorted room that emits no sound. The rooms in these pocket dimensions are all asymmetric by the square foot and have furniture that defies laws of physics. There are chairs and tables that will have two legs below on one
side and two legs above on the other. The furniture in the area will hold themselves upright without falling. Both humans and other Borderlings will encounter these rooms. It won't have any affect against animals or plants. When they exit the unknown realm, the entrance or stairway returns to normal length. Any sentient being that exit the rooms will forget it was actually real and recall the experience as part of a daydream. No one will be able to see the Intercyberling because they've been in another dimension away from the Earth plane.
When the Borderling returns back to the Externus, these pocket dimensions will dissolve around the viewers and will find themselves on the Earth plane.

The string of code the Intercyberling makes on a computer will appear and disappear in one sequence and without any long thought process. Some string of code will last for years up to a decade. The Intercyberlings will create as follows: Accounts with random numbers and letters, strange and abstract pictures and videos, randomized posts on forums and blogs, and entire websites. Individuals who found these complex strain of code will assume it was a spambot or a mad artists' contemporary art project made on the internet.

Diet and Behavior

The Intercyberling has an optimistic and thoughtful disposition. The Borderling behaves in a matter like an audience and a host, being the host is the large head while the smaller ones are the audience.

It is a stationary Borderling, and it will only move its heads and tendrils. It will always use the computer it generates from. If it's a laptop, it doesn't hesitate to grab the object from the desk and set it on its body, in front of the main head. As soon as it makes itself comfortable, the Intercyberling creates a random amount of code scattered around the internet through the computer through its large, gaping mouth. Generating its own IP addresses from its tendrils, it imitates a spambot or a website in progress. These locations can be found in different locations around Earth. In 1 out of 3rd chances, the Borderling can generate IP address leading to non-existent locations.
If the Intercyberling's satisfied with their work, the smaller heads will nod in agreement and watch the monitor on the computer without signs of boredom. However, if they are dissatisfied by their creations, the heads will slowly shake their head and use one of the tendrils to erase the codes they had made.

An impure Intercyberling will be more in discord with itself and will tear apart its own heads in severe disagreements.  Codes made by them are small and fractionated and are easily erased by other Intercyberlings.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Intercyberling resides in anything that’s quiet or with little sound, like an office or any kind of workspace after closing hours. They enter our world through computers when a wi-fi signal is connected. When a computer is in sleep mode, it will immediately be turned on before the Borderling can enter our world.

The Intercyberling doesn't like being disturbed by intruders and has to rely on pocket dimensions to distract anyone who enters the building. After its finished with its work, the Borderling creates a blinding flash along with a high-pitched beep for a half of a second when leaving Earth. Any pocket dimensions will disappear all at once.


3/26/03 - Web address: wwwwwwwww.dh452rbs.4543hdss.bbB
longevity: 22 minutes after publishing
The website displays a string of text, with 200 zeros in the bottom. There's a faint droning sound that pulsates every 7 minutes.

8/1/05 - Web address:
longevity: 8 minutes after publishing

The website displays a blank page with no text. Cats seem to be attracted by it. No side effects are known.

9/13/07 - Web address:
longevity: 1 hour and 3 minutes after publishing
The website displays a face in ASCII format. It seems to be twitching erratically. Footsteps and voices from humans and other Borderlings can be heard going from the left to the right stereo speakers.

12/30/09 - Web address:
longevity: 1 day and 12 minutes after publishing
The Website displays abstract shapes flashing with different gradient colors. Realistic rainbow gunk is spilling out from the top-right corner every hour. It repeats this animation until it became transparent. It only shows at night.

4/6/10 - Web address: www.achoirofaccidentalg.y
longevity: 5 minutes after publishing

The website displays teeth of different animals, and a 5-minute choir singing an unknown hymn was playing. After the song ends, the website erased itself.

6/27/11 - Web address: 00000000000000000.n
longevity: 10 minutes after publishing
The website displays different photos of moments in the United States and the United Kingdom's history from the 1800s to its current year. After 4 loops of the same pictures, the viewer was automatically directed to another page with an eye that covers most of the screen.

11/16/11 - Web address: ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙†˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙.www
longevity: 8 minutes after publishing
The website opens up 7 pages at once, all of them are shades of green and yellows. Grinding sounds can be heard overlapping each other. Any human watching them will experience a freezing sensation followed by a buzz that stays in their ears throughout their lifetime. Can lead to a lost of sanity.

6/27/11 - Web address: 65t.jj.o.jjj
longevity: 1 day and 4 minutes after publishing
The website is blank at first, and will automatically download a compressed file. Opening it will cause a randomly generated website to open in the browser. They look like an ordinary media-uploading site, like YouTube, but the graphics will look organic. Clicking on any link will cause the websites to make guttural sounds that can be interpreted as various emotions. Selecting either link 5 times will make the browser automatically close their window. An overall good result will give the viewer emails with positive replies and an overall bad result will give the viewer negative replies. 10 emails will generate each day in a month.

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