First Sighting: 1938

The Inflat-a-Squeaks.
 Type: Balloon Borderling

Species: Ilmestys
Threat Level: Very Low - High

Frequency: 1Hz - 976Hz

Stability: 12.8%

Mentality: Animal - Inanimate
 Height: See Entry
Weight: See Entry
Activity: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Respawn Number: 20

Visibility: 63.3%

Effect Radius: none


Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Ultraviolet

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 54.7%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 85%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: 23%

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: none

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: 27%

Time and Locations: Suburbs and Cities, Outdoors and Indoors

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 38.6%

The Globolings originated from the invention of Balloons.

The Globoling consists of spherical and cylindrical balloons. Thin, tapering strings make up for the Borderling's legs and tail. They have no eyes, nose, and mouths. Because they cannot see or hear, they feel with their strings. The colors on the Globoling's body varies between individuals, and are usually purple, green, pink, yellow, orange and blue.

The Globoling’s insides will fill with material depending on its closest environment. Most of the Globolings consist of helium. Globolings near bodies of water will have water inside their body cavities. Regardless of material it has inside its body, it can levitate or fly.
On rare occasions, a single healthy Globoling will undergo a drastic transformation. Its colonial form is 50ft tall from head to tail. The Borderling's body is elongated to accumulate inflated balloons. Its cylindrical legs will sink into its bulk.

Although the Globoling's body has the same molecular structure as a balloon, it can expand without popping. However, if it inflates at a highly accelerated rate, it will burst.

The Globoling communicates using a series of trills and squeaks.

Impure Globolings will appear partially deflated. It’s sagging body won’t hold up its form and will die after a few minutes. Unlike its healthier counterparts, it won't have enough elasticity to inflate.

Effect on Its Surroundings

The Globoling doesn’t have an Effect Radius. Instead, any fauna-based lifeforms that touch the Borderling will experience vivid hallucinations. They will visualize parts of their bodies gradually inflating after 3 minutes of contact. 10 minutes of contact will have sensations of inflation along with said visual hallucinations. The Globoling uses it as an advantage to escape from attackers.

Its colonial form, however, can mutate an individual. Instead of sensations and hallucinations, it changes organic tissue. The fauna’s body will stretch and expand to accumulate either air or water. Even if their organs and skin are affected, they are surprisingly alive. Their bodily functions behave like normal despite their mutation. Bones will stretch to maintain their form. They will deflate back to their original size and proportions once after the Globoling leaves.

Diet and Behavior

The Globoling has a dazed disposition. It is unaware of its surroundings, wandering mindlessly into pylons and trees. If it bumps into an object, the Borderling will temporarily gain consciousness and float in the opposite direction. It will continue with their dazed demeanor afterward, letting the wind take control.

The Globoling is a social Borderling. It will drift along with their companions and rarely stray from the group. To prevent any loss of volume, they gently tug on each other's tails. The social routine will slowly inflate them until they have enough air or water to last them for a while. The Globoling will go into convulsions if its tail's pulled too hard. It begins to over-inflate, their pained squeaks becoming louder and louder each second. After one last scream, they will pop. Anyone within a 3ft radius of the dead Globoling will feel the same sensations as the Borderling. The individual might become insane if they can’t distinguish reality from illusion.

If a Globoling is healthy for more than an hour and 30 minutes, it will suddenly grow into its colonial form. The Borderling drops to the ground, their rubbery bodies pulsing and swelling in similarity to boiling water. Balloons will manifest and inflate inside the Borderling at a rapid rate, smothering its legs. As it frantically twitches and spasms, squeaking and stretching, the Globoling will not float again until the process is complete. After its transformation, the Globoling will resume flight. It makes new groups before heading to the Externus. In about 4 minutes each, the Globoling will generate more of its kind. Balloons will drop from its proboscis with a wet splat. These deflated husks will gradually inflate and will fly in unison once filled.

An impure Globoling won’t survive the transformation and will pop because of their lack of elasticity. The balloons will deflate once exposed to the outside world.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Globoling appears where there are balloons nearby. Party stores and parks are most likely to have Globolings. It manifests on Earth as an ordinary, deflated balloon. After few minutes, it fills with either air or water. Limbs pop out of the Borderling along with extra strings. It waits until there's no human activity before it flies.

A swarm of Globolings has to be as high as possible from the ground until it is time to change into their colonial form. They descend only to find lost or dead Globolings. After finding another Globoling, both individuals will huddle close as they ascend.

Before they return to the Externus, the Globolings tie their tails and limbs into knots. They join together without separating. After reaching 2000ft, they let out long, periodic squeaks as their bodies fade into nothing.

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