First Sighting: 1694

The Observers of  Manmade Watery Refuges.
 Type: Water Fountain Borderling
Species: Visitor
Threat Level: Moderate - High

Frequency: 238MHz - 763MHz

Stability: 65%

Mentality: Animal - Gatherer

 Height: 8'0ft (152.4cm)
Weight: 744lbs (337kg)
Activity: 6 hours - 10 hours
Respawn Count: 7

Visibility: 35%

Effect Radius: none
"Call me crazy, but there is another reason reason why we can't swim, or even record, the fountains at the park in the neighborhood. It is to respect the monsters that dwell there."


Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Gamma waves

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 45% - 50%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 56% - 90%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: 20%

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: 43%

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: 90%

Time and Locations: Suburbs and Cities, Indoors (Daytime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 66.3%

The Fontanasialoling originated from the continued use of stone figures around buildings that drain water. The frequent use of gargoyles will be enough to manifest the Fontanasialoling into existence.

It resembles an elongated gargoyle made out of limestone bricks and water. A dislocated skeletal system, similar to that of a mammal's, are partially visible inside the Borderling's body. The Fontanasialoling’s entire body is filled with purified water. The same water that fills its body will constantly flow out of its gaping mouth and its circular holes on its back. It doesn't show signs of losing mass.

The limestone parts on its body have a cracked, mossy appearance. The watery parts of its body are incredibly stable and will hold its form even after the skeletal system breaks apart. Its armor, however, will not regenerate. If a Fontanasialoling loses its armor, it won't feed on the moss it gathers.

The Fontanasialoling will only speak in bubbly growls, as though it’s trying to vocalize underwater. Its vocalization varies in a pitch for each individual Borderling.

An impure Fontanasialoling will have floating balls of gunk inside its body, and its form will sag from the weight. The goop looks like rotten flesh and has no resemblance to any material on Earth.

Effect on Its Surroundings

These trances rarely go over 10 hours. After the effect
The Fontanasialoling's unique frequency patterns act as a cloak to hide its true form. The Borderling's illusion will make people see it not as a living creature, but as part of a fountain or reservoir. Its watery mass and skeletal system are replaced with more limestone bricks. Only gamma waves and recording devices can view the actual form of the Fontanasialoling.

If a single person sees the Borderling move through a recording device, like a cellphone, they go into a trance and will be lured into the artificial body of water. The human will immerse his or herself in a fetal position
underwater and will hold their breath for 6 to 10 hours without signs of drowning. On occasions, the victim will swim in circles underwater. These trances rarely go over 10 hours. After the effect wears off, the individual will emerge out of the water then lose their zombie-like state, forgetting about the events that had happened. 1 out of 100 of the victims taken by the Fontanasialoling will exceed 10 hours and drown without signs of struggling.
To prevent a trance from happening, an obstacle, or another person, has to block their path. Making the person fall to the ground is recommended because they will come to their senses shortly after impact. Their strength of the Borderling's effect increases if there are few people around its effect radius.

Animals aren’t affected by the Fontanasialoling and will not go near an affected person.

Diet and Behavior

The Fontanasialoling has an impulsive, territorial disposition. It observes its surroundings, slowly moving their heads from side to side. Soft grinding sounds can be heard when the Borderling moves. It will be completely immobile when human beings and water-dwelling animals are present. When alone, it walks in careful motions on land, as if it is trying not to spill its own water. The Fontanasialoling loves to swim when submerged.

Only one or two Fontanasialolings can exist in a single artificial body of water. When a pair of Fontanasialolings meet, they lean their bodies against each other, intertwine their tails, and touch snouts. This is a greeting posture of the Borderling, and will last for a whole hour. After their placid meetup, they go their separate ways and continue on with their normal routine.

With its claws, the Fontanasialoling scrapes the moss and algae underwater and absorbs it into its armor. Any vegetation it collects acts as both camouflage and food. These Borderlings can usually be seen with thick patches of moss draping from their bodies.
The Fontanasialoling loves watching humans gather into their fountain, pond, and the likes while huddling together with their mouths agape. Any pollutants left in the water will have a negative effect on the Borderling. They will hurry to swim away from the filth then observe it at a safe distance. When a dirtied human or animal steps into the water, it will defend itself and its food by lunging at the victim. The Borderling will crush their bodies with its weight, then it will use its long, flexible tail to dispose of the body, dragging it out into dry land.

An impure Fontanasialoling is more hostile and unpredictable than their healthy counterparts and can attack their own kind and other Borderlings. Unclean humans, however, will drain the energy of the Borderling and accelerate the growth of the filth inside its body. The gunk in its body will grow and cover the entire Borderling when exposed for longer periods of time.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Fontanasialoling can be found around artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and fountains. Overcast and rainy weather will increase the likelihood of Fontanasialolings. It enters our world through a watery vortex underwater, facing upwards towards the surface. It emerges out of the water without hesitation and finds an edge to sit, its back facing towards dry land and its tail dipped in water.

The Borderling will only get up to feed on moss and algae, and to defend their space from pollutants, corrupted versions of their kind, and unwanted intruders. If killed, the Fontanasialoling's waterly body will collapse, exposing its skeleton. Rot will follow suit afterward after 48 hours had passed. If the weather is moist with mist or rain, a new Fontanasialoling will generate from its corpse.

the Fontanasialoling uses the same portal in a similar way as it enters our world. It dives underwater and reaches the bottom. By swimming in circles, it creates a vortex that turns into a rift shortly afterward. The portal will shortly diminish if the Borderling doesn't act soon enough. Portal generating will consume large amounts of energy. If the Fontanasialoling's healthier enough, it will create another rift one last time. Failure to create more portals will put the Borderling at risk of vulnerability or corruption.

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