First Sighting: 1534

The Ghosts of Old Willow Trees marching on.
 Type: Willow Tree Borderling
Species: Ilmestys
Threat Level: Low- Moderate

Frequency: 134MHz - 4140MHz

Stability: 29% - 100%

Mentality: Animal - Plant

 Height: 34ft (1056.3cm)
Weight: 848.3lbs (384kg)
Activity: 2 Hours - 5 Hours
Respawn Number: 1

Visibility: 12% - 56%

Effect Radius: 20ft - 40ft

"The oldest of trees will tell secrets of a deeper past.
We just have to listen carefully to their words."


Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Microwaves

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 20%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 98%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: none

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: none

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: none

Time and Locations: Suburbs, Outdoors (Daytime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 3.9%

The Dendroling originated from the Earth dimension's old trees, especially willows.

Trees, that are over 100 years old, are enough to manifest these type of Borderlings. It resembles an uprooted weeping willow tree with a long birdlike head. Free-flowing branches cover the Borderling's entire body with gaps that resemble pitch-black holes. These holes are also seen around the top part of the Borderling's shaggy body. The depth of these holes is unknown. If a penny was dropped in one of these holes, no one won't know if it will ever reach the bottom. It's like the void of space had taken the penny.
Its legs are incredibly thin and are made out of tightly wrapped tree branches. Despite how frail its legs are, the Dendroling can support its body without any effort. The wooden material that makes up the entirety of the Dendroling is a mix between a willow tree and different plants around the world.

The Dendroling's body acts the same way to cuts and concussions as an ordinary tree but is immune to burns. Frost will make its branches break. Its body will completely heal after a week has passed.

It speaks in a voice that sounds feminine and is slow and smooth. It isn't very communicative, however, and will only speak on rare occasions. Whistling sounds at various pitches can be heard from its holes. Infrequent sounds of flutes playing at a slow pace can be heard from these holes.

An impure Dendroling's leaves are brown in color and will always hang their head low like it 's severely fatigued and forlorn. Its draping leaf-tendrils will drop one by one until the Borderling won't maintain its body anymore. It will not last as long as their healthy counterparts and will collapse into a heap of splintered wood soon after arrival on Earth.

Effect on Its Surroundings

The Dendroling's effect radius is visible as a dense cloud of fog. The fog will always surround the Borderling, and will vary between 20ft and 40ft. The Borderling's hardly noticeable when surrounded by heavy fog.
Whenever an individual is underneath a Dendroling, they can hear whispers resonating from inside its holes. The closer they get to the Borderling, the clearer their voices will be. An individual will hear secrets and thoughts from different timelines in humanity’s history. This is not sentient thinking but a memorized string of words it had heard during its stay on Earth. When hearing these voices, an individual will feel a variety of emotions. An example will be if a person got married and lived a happy life, the person listening to their thoughts will feel a great sense of euphoria. A person won't be able to tell another person about what they had heard. If they do, their speech will become incoherent within the last 3 hours. After hours had passed, their memory about the voices will fade. If an individual writes down the words after leaving the Dendroling's presence, they won't remember what they wrote and will assume that the words are meaningless.

Although human beings are incapable to talk about these messages, sentient Borderlings with complex intelligence will have no trouble recalling such memories. On rare occasions, they can be seen around the Dendroling, ignoring human existence while they follow the Borderling in silence.

Packs of
Eoscynoling can also be seen frolicking around its towering legs. The Dendroling will lower its branches so it can stroke the bodies of the smaller Borderlings. This prolongs the longevity of their energy frequencies, giving them more time to stay inside the Earth dimension.

Diet and Behavior

The Dendroling has no noticeable emotions. Despite its lack of expressing emotions, it is always with a group of its own kind.
Its gait is unusual, taking slow, long strides while the body keeps at a lower level without descending or tilting. The Borderling will always walk in the direction of the air current. Like an actual plant, they rely on photosynthesis and the water from the fog to keep it well fed and hydrated.
Groups up to 3 or 4 Dendrolings can be seen walking in unison with no speed difference. The Borderling roams
The Dendroling surrounded by fog.
around suburban neighborhoods and parks in herds, bringing the fog with them. The fog can cover more land when in a larger group. A single Dendroling will wander aimlessly in search for another one of its kind. When it doesn't find a herd of its kind, the Borderling will find a safe area to stand in one place and drop down all its branches, protecting its frail legs. In an hour and 3 minutes, a bundle of discarded branches and wood manifest itself from underneath its body. This 'birthing', is a protective mechanism of the Borderling and another method of generating a new herd. The cocoon will grow into another Dendroling within 32 to 40 minutes.

An impure Dendroling won't have enough material in its body to produce cocoons, and will always stand in one place, ignoring herds that pass by. It will always idle with its branches down like it's trying to make another one of its kind after failing numerous times.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Dendroling can be seen during any time of day with cool temperatures, mostly during overcast and misty weather. It will appear out of a vortex made of thick fog. The same fog will cover the Borderling during its stay on Earth.

Because of their frail legs, they know they shouldn't stray far into highways and any busy streets. It is fatal for the Borderling if their legs are broken or if they fall to their sides. Shortly after their legs are broken, the Dendroling will die. Their corpse will change into an ordinary fallen willow tree. When a herd finds the fallen Borderling, they stop to face the tree and point their beaks down in a forlorn manner. One or two Dendrolings will stand above the corpse and will lay a cocoon. Their mourning will stop once a new Dendroling hatch out of the cocoon.

The Dendroling will use the fog again to create another vortex to enter back to the Externus.

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