First Sighting: 1926

Bonzo The Dragon, Childrens' Imaginary Friend
 Type: Playhouse Borderling
Species: Ilmestys/Resident Hybrid
Threat Level: Very Low - High

Frequency: 233MHz - 766GHz

Stability: 34% - 78%

Mentality: Sentient - Average

 Height: 13'7ft (396.2cm)
Weight: 452.0lbs - 760.4lbs (205kg - 344kg)
Activity: 30 minues - 1 hour
Respawn Number: 9

Visibility: See Entry Below

Effect Radius: None

Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Beliefs + Ultraviolet

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 50%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 50%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: none

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: none

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: none

Time and Locations: Suburbs and Cities, Indoors and Outdoors (Daytime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 30.7%


The Coulrodracoling species are originated from clowns from children's birthday parties and TV shows.
It resembles that of a large dragon wearing a skintight and colorful clown suit. Its clothes consist of nylon and are actually part of its skin. The white furry parts of the Borderling's costume are thick and soft to the touch. Its shoes feel reminiscent to rubber, and are glossy like well-polished leather.

The Coulrodracoling has humanoid legs that have an appearance of muscles inside its clothing, but it has no actual muscular system. The Borderling's hands and face are blue and have a texture similar to hard toy plastic. Its arms are tubular and have no bone structure. However, it can move its arms without any effort.

The claws, eyes, and horns are clear and hollow and are partially filled with cyan ooze. The Coulrodracoling's entire body is hollow and can manifest cyan fluid when needed. The fluid has an odor of cheap plastic. When a large amount gains contact with the ground or wall at a high velocity, spikes will erupt. These spikes are smooth, sharp, and are usually 1 inch thick. Touching and holding the substance won't have any hazardous effects.

The Coulrodracoling's costume can be stretched to endless widths and heights. Heavy objects will stretch its body to the point that it can reflect the boulder back. Knives, on the other hand, will easily cut open the Coulrodracoling's body. But doing so will make the Borderling erupt into an estimate of 20 gallons of fluid, despite its size.

The Coulrodracoling speaks in a soft, singsongy voice and it will always sound masculine. Most of the time, the Borderling communicates using honking and squeaking noises.
An impure Coulrodracoling is slightly desaturated in color and will appear either forlorn or insane.

Effect on Its Surroundings

The Coulrodracoling relies on the beliefs of children around 3 to 6 years old. A child that has a strong bond
with the Borderling will see it throughout their lifetime.
All Coulrodracoling species will be mistaken as an imaginary friend to non-believers. Adults will not see the Borderling unless they believe it's not an imaginary

friend, but an otherworldly entity.

On rare occasions, if the Coulrodracoling trusts a human being, it will take them to its own pocket dimension. The Borderling calls it "The Fun House', and it is an endless and colorful realm full of toys and games. These objects can be as ordinary as a bouncing ball to the bizarre, strange shapes that emit music without any form of the earthly instrument. There's a different arrangement in each and every room. These rooms are connected to hallways and corridors.

Anyone who enters the Fun House will experience a strong sensation of joy and curiosity, regardless of past emotions. They will have no other choice but to stay in this pocket dimension until Bonzo has to depart from Earth. After the visit, the person will sometimes have a nagging feeling to search for the Borderling and enter into the Fun House once more.

Diet and Behavior

The Coulrodracoling has a jolly and carefree disposition. It loves being around children and those who believe it exists. The Borderling's locomotion has a spring to its step and sometimes strays from a bipedal stance to do cartwheels or walk on its hands. All Coulrodracoling species will call themselves "Bonzo" or "Bonzo the Dragon". It will not hesitate to play with children and any believer nearby. If the kids are playing hide-and-seek, for example, so does Bonzo. The Borderling will sometimes bring an object from the Fun House for the children and believers to play with. Balls are a common choice for each Coulrodracoling.

The Coulrodracoling will react based off of how the child's been treated by their parents. When around well treated and loved children, the Coulrodracoling will stay jolly and fun-loving.
It will act nervous and overly protective towards traumatized and abused children. Despite its jovial disposition, it can do harm to any hostile being. The Borderling might keep a child in the Fun House for longer periods of time to avoid exposure to parents that mistreated them.

The Coulrodracoling will use the ooze inside its body as a defense mechanism when it confronts attackers. When the Borderling feels distressed, its body will fill up with cyan fluids. Its body cavity will swell until it has a heavily muscular appearance, arms tripled in mass. These arms act as large hoses and will blast a target without any restraint. The force of a single arm-hose is strong enough to shatter granite and leave huge dents on steel plating. Afterwards, the Coulrodracoling will regain its slender appearance, tired and exhausted.

A sick Coulrodracoling is more uncontrollable with its ooze, and won't last long when startled or in stress. Because of this, it will impale itself, inside-out, with its own crystal shards. The Borderling will soon succumb to death, and its tattered clothes will lay on a massive pool of its own slime. In a short amount of time, another Coulrodracoling, either its own kind or a subspecies, will take its place and clean up the mess. It uses its hose-like arms to absorb any remains. On sight, it will act humble and overly-apologetic and will apologize to anyone. The Borderling doesn't stay long afterward, and won't arrive until a week later. After a week's been passed, the replacement Coulrodracoling of the same species of deceased one will appear at the same location.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Coulrodracoling can be found in daycares, playgrounds, schools, and playhouses. On occasions, the Borderling will appear in amusement parks, carnivals, and inside circus tents. When entering into the Earth's dimension, it manifests a door that varies in shape, size, and color and will stand in a middle of a playground or against a wall. When there are children and believers nearby, the door will open and the Coulrodracoling will enter into our world. The door will disappear soon after.

Only one Coulrodracoling can exist at a time in one place 3 miles apart. While the Borderling is at a park, for example, the other will be at a daycare in another city. In an environment with well-behaved and loved children, it prolongs its visit.

As a form of escaping death, the Coulrodracoling changes into a temporary form similar to a Jack-in-a-Box. It becomes an inanimate-type Borderling and won't produce cyan fluids. After 20 minutes, it has to return to the Externus to generate a new body.

The Coulrodracoling exits the same way as it enters the Earth dimension, summoning another door as a rift, which will vary in shape and size. The Borderling doesn't leave without saying a form of farewell to those it plays with. The door won't disappear for another 5 minutes.

As the redheaded girl ran to the back of the Fun House, Bonzo happily waved 'goodbye'. It was biter-sweet even though the Borderling knows she'll return to play with its living toys scattered around its domain. Soon...very soon...

After the Coulrodracoling conjures up a door, it immediately felt a sense of severe dread. Could it be that an abusive parent is nearby? The door disappeared in a cloud of colorful smoke, its thoughts sidetracked about the intense fear that made its long arms swell. The Borderling twists its head around, then its body, like a ribbon when twirled in slow motion. What it saw made Bonzo scream. It was a small black weapon, similar to a flamethrower, and it is levitating 3 feet above the ground. Two pairs of circular eyes flung open from its nozzle. This machine doesn't look like it originated from the Externus. As soon as Bonzo took a glance in the robot's eyes, its body froze not with fear, but from an unseen force. The machine drifted closer, hissing, staring without blinking. The only thing the poor Borderling could do is to swell up greatly with its harmful cyan goo. Bonzo's neck bulged from the base up as the slime crept upwards towards its throat. Before the Coulrodracoling exhaled a deadly blast of colorful cyan ooze, it already opened its mouth. Terrible white fire spewed forth, engulfing the Coulrodracoling within seconds. The Borderling shut its mouth, making the cyan goop squirt in threads between its blue teeth. It's tried to scream as the corrosive white flame ate away at its body. There's no escape from this unknown terror.

After minutes of pain and struggling, all that was left is a puddle of swirling white and cyan. There were no remains of the jolly ol' clown and the Fun House is without its owner. The weapon sprouted four long, spindly legs and crawled towards the pile and absorbed its prize kill. The machine wasn't aware that a humanoid figure saw the whole thing, and left the scene immediately for the fear of its life.

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