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First Sighting: 1968

The Water Veil, the Comforter that Soothes All Souls.
 Type: Liquid Serenity Borderling

Species: Ilmestys
Threat Level: Very Low

Frequency: 43Hz - 2320MHz

Stability: 23% - 90%

Mentality: Inanimate

 Height: 2'2ft to 5'0ft
(60.9cm - 152.4cm)
Weight: 84.1lbs (3kg)
Activity: 20 minutes - 2 Hours
Respawn Number: 2

Visibility: 12% - 77%

Effect Radius: 10ft


Additional Data

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 Method to see the Borderling: Radio waves + Gamma

Chances that a human will see the Borderling: 45% - 50%

Chances that a human will be affected by the Borderling: 56% - 90%

Chances that the Borderling will affect animals: 20%

Chances that the Borderling will affect plants: 43%

Chances that the Borderling will affect inanimate objects: 90%

Time and Locations: Suburbs and Cities, Indoors (Daytime)

Chances that the Borderling will become corrupted with illness: 66.3%

Audio File

An Aqualing sings its song above an indoor pool.

The Aqualing originated from the use of water in the modern era. It resembles a sheet of water suspended in mid-air as if someone threw a bucket of water and let it suspend through levitation. Most Aqualings have a bluish hue and have a faint glow of a mix between green and cyan. Green oblong sacks float inside of the Borderling. The sacks have a density of porcelain and has soft gel inside. The gel has no odor, and its sent varies from different Aqualings. The most common species of this Borderling will have a flowery odor similar to bath soap.

The shape and size of the Aqualing vary greatly, depending on its location. Rarely, the Borderling manifests as a snaking stream of water. The biggest Aqualing can have up to 6 sacks and have more staying time. The substance inside the sacks has an appearance of clear, thick oil. The water dripping from its amorphous body falls twice as slower than normal water. Its body isn't very different from regular water, but it leaves skin smooth after 5 seconds of contact.

The Borderling's orbs can be broken with a blunt object. However, they are protected by their watery vessel, which dampens any concussion. 40% of Aqualings can be seen with a mix of complete and shattered orbs. Their shards can easily cut skin.

The Aqualing can regenerate itself quickly and will split into two when a large, heavy object is thrown at it. The Aqualing will place itself back together within seconds. If a heavy object hits all its sacks, however, the Borderling will lose its suspension and drop to the ground, like normal water. Small objects will get stuck inside the Borderling's watery body until gravity makes the object drop out from underneath.

The Aqualing cannot speak, but it will emit a calming chime sound that resonates throughout its sacks.

Metals of any kind will make it, and the affected fauna, feel a burning sensation. The minerals from metallic objects will slowly dissolve and get into the Aqualing's body, increasing the chance of impurity after long exposures. An Aqualing inside metallic surroundings has a 60% chance of becoming impure.

An impure Aqualing's watery body has a sickly brownish-green appearance and isn't as clear and pure as their healthy counterparts. Its orbs have half the
density than healthier Aqualings, and can break easily even in a body of water.

Effect on Its Surroundings

The Aqualing has an Effect Radius about 10ft (3.048 cm) and emits a soft ringing sound of various pitches, similar to that of a wind chime or a Tibetian singing bowl. A single glance into the Borderling's orbs in the sunlight will see pulsing, blue patterns in their vision within 30 seconds. These hallucinations, combined with the sounds and movements from the Aqualing, can make any type of fauna extremely placid. The effect lasts 2 hours later after the patterns fade from their vision. The bigger the Aqualing, the longer the effect has on a person or animal. Larger Aqualings will have an effect that will last for an hour and 25 minutes.

Inanimate objects will generate a liquid reminiscent of purified water without the use of steam. The water will also have a blue-green glow to them. 45% of the manifested water will have a solid cyan glow. Without the Aqualing's presence, the water will quickly evaporate into blue steam.

The effect radius of an impure Aqualing are shorter, and the water it will generate will be a murky dark green in color with a musty odor. They won't generate a calming effect like its healthier counterparts. Looking at the orbs of one of these corrupt Borderlings will cause depression and fatigue, and will see dark spots in front of their vision. Respiratory infections will follow after 10 minutes had passed.

Diet and Behavior

All Aqualing species doesn't express any sapience or animal instincts, but it acts simply like suspended water. Throughout all its staying time on Earth, it levitates 3 to 5 feet above any body of water. It makes slow, hypnotic motions and is always stationary, circling onto itself and change shape without moving from its spot. 6.4% of the time, it will not be in the same location. No human being will witness it teleporting from one place to another. One or two Aqualings can arrive in one spot, but never more than three.
The water it manifests comprises the Aqualing's diet. When needed, the water will converge around the Borderling at a slow pace, about 1 feet per minute, until it gets absorbed into its body.

The ringing sound it makes is its communication towards any living being and to its own kind; however, only the Aqualings can understand their own communication.

The Aqualing reacts negatively to loud noises and negative emotions. Short enough exposure will force the Borderling to flee back into the Externus. Long exposures will cause the Aqualing to bubble and spurt, making it unstable and risk breaking all its orbs.

An impure Aqualing will emit the same sounds but will shift irregularly in pitch, making them unpleasant to listen to. Because of its heavy, polluted body, it levitates 2ft lower than its healthier counterparts.

Habitat, Predation, and Interdimensional Travel

The Aqualings can be seen inside rooms with any source of steam and large bodies of water. Indoor spas, sweat lodges, and swimming pools will have Aqualing activity. It will arrive on earth as a form of manifesting itself into existence, accumulated by a thick amount of steam. The steam will eventually form the suspended water after 7 minutes had passed. A single orb will form afterward, growing nonstop until it splits into two smaller orbs. Once its body is fully developed, the Aqualing will flatten into its desired shape. Larger Aqualings can be found above water that is 10ft (304.8cm) deep, and have more than 6 internal sacks inside its body.

Other Borderlings that are in the Aqualing's effect radius will affect the speed and behavior of its growth. This effect will happen when the other species has a Frequency power more than 200MHz. The orb inside its watery vessel won't split and grows into a single, huge ball. When it gets around 50lbs (22.6 kg) in weight, the orb will lose its levitation and drop into the water below. Unfortunately, due from its lack of mobility, it can do nothing but shudder when another Borderling's nearby. The Aqualing will writhe in agony until it dies soon after. After the Borderling leaves, another Aqualing will take its place in the same way as it enters Earth.

An Aqualing with clean water in its body will be more tolerable to deformation.

The Aqualing exits our world the same way, dissipating into steam. Once after it evaporates, the sacks inside the Borderling will drop into the body of water. It will act similar to bath bombs, dissolving into colorful form within a few minutes, and will emit a strong, pleasant fragrance which varies from a flowery odor to laundry detergent.

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