It's time to meet your Neighbors.

Some Borderlings are primitive while others are sapient. Some are docile while others are hostile. They watch us through an unseen veil dividing their world and ours.
The Externus is a parallel dimension so surreal, it defies all logic. Time and space are nonexistent. Anything made existing in our dimension will make new creations in theirs. Chaos is their norm, the norm is their blank canvas. There are countless interdimensional beings in the Externus. Only a fraction are able to be Borderlings.

 I've met people who tell stories about unseen friends and enemies. They wake us up; we cannot move. They can either sing lullabies or strangle us to death. The fear of the unknown is real! Just like we don't understand each other, we don't understand their motives. Are they good? Evil? We're not sure until they make their move.

Most people cannot stand living amongst this chaos, but is it inevitable. TV programs will show strange messages and faces, radio stations and recording devices will emit bizarre voices, and we will have bizarre visions. They can take us to the Externus for a period of time if they desire!
The wind is not the only thing brushing against your skin. You can’t see them, but they can see you perfectly...
The Borderlings live next door to us. But where? In another dimension, parallel to this plane of existence. They are everywhere, but we don't see them clear enough with our own eyes.

 The Borderlings depicts strange monsters from The Externus, their dimension.  These creatures arrive on Earth to feed, find homes, and to observe human and animal life. Their stay on Earth is temporary. If these visitors aren't able to return to their own dimension after a period of time, the energy frequencies here on Earth will make them corrupted or cause death.

There are Borderlings that are animalistic and there are Borderlings that are sentient. And, like humans, they can be good, neutral, or evil. Almost all the time, the Borderlings cannot be seen by humans. Individuals can’t see these entities because of their electromagnetic radiation that surrounds each and every Borderling. On rare occasions these energies will temporarily diminish, allowing us to see these creatures as blurry or shadowy figures.

In some cases, they commune with humans. Most  Borderlings rather avoid contact with humans, in fear of harmful energy levels or miscommunication. They rather observe people from a safe distance or where they can't feel or see their presence. Experienced Borderlings will communicate with humans without any error. 

They can manipulate their body's electromagnetic frequencies. They can phase through flora, fauna, and objects at will. Each Borderling can affect their surroundings with a unique energy field. They can involuntarily manifest objects,  substances, and even mental stimuli like hallucinations. Their effects on Earth depends on their species, and are unique to the Borderlings.
A fraction of
 the Borderlings will manipulate anything with a  wavelength, like electronics. Some of these creatures are powerful enough to manipulate the world around them and can touch and pick up objects and Earthly life. Whenever possible, they will communicate through anything with an energy signal. An example. will be one Borderling can speak through radio or through television by interrupting the signal's frequencies. However, for
some Borderlings, communication consumes necessary energy. If they are able, they can manipulate human beings. They can feed, communicate, or benefit their human vessels.

When they return to the Externus, the Borderlings electromagnetic energies will get restored. Then they will return back to the Earth dimension again. If these beings aren't able to go through a portal, they will lose the vital energy they need and will likely to get corrupted. Sicknesses in a Borderling are warning signs that they will become corrupted and act irrationally. They will be hazardous to themselves and the world around them. Death will follow afterward.

A Borderling doesn't age like we do but can have multiple lives (like in video games). After death, its essence will take some time to generate as another Borderling
of its kind.

Our Next-Door Dimension
  The Externus is a neighboring dimension in parallel with ours, and it had existed since the beginning of time. There are countless creatures that exist in the Externus, and a fraction of them are considered Borderlings. In order for the Borderlings to travel to our world, they have to have enough energy levels to create portals. They can't travel our world they're too weak.
The Borderlings travel from the Externus to Earth and vice-versa by going through the Veil layer, which separates Earth's dimension from the Externus'. If an object or living thing enters into the Externus, they atomic structure will become unstable and distort. Any affected creature and object will not return to Earth's dimension. Therefore, they will dissolve into nothing and will never exist in the Earth's plane. Some mutants can enter into the Externus without their atomic structure becoming unstable.

Borderlings that enter our dimension will have different visibility ranges. With those who are invisible, they can only be seen with special equipment. An example will be a type of Borderling can be seen with infrared or ultraviolet filters. This doesn't affect their strange effects they carry from the Externus. However, each Borderling's atomical structure can be affected by the different hazards on Earth. Borderlings with high stability and will resist hazardous materials and harsh frequency signals better than Borderlings with low stability.

There are some Borderlings that have a strong will to live. These Borderlings can create Façades to preserve their own life essence outside of their bodies. Whenever they had recently died or can't access to their own vessels, they will take on a more simple and limited form until they gather enough energy to generate a new body. Sick Façades are much fatal to a Borderling than when they have bodies. Because they don't have a vessel to generate they will die and won't respawn.

The Three Types of Borderlings

The Visitors

Borderlings who are created to look more abstract than the Ilmestys. They're weak to Earth's frequencies, and have to return to the Externus after a short visit. They can travel freely from dimensions. These creatures have more strange features that defy logic and reason than the Ilmestys.

The Residents

Borderlings that have more power to stay within the Earth dimension. They can summon other Borderlings at will, regardless of time and place. Their appearances are abstract like the Visitors and Earthly like the Ilmestys. Some Residents are dependent on objects for travel.

The Ilmestys

Borderlings who manifest themselves to resemble animals, objects, or people on Earth. They have more endurance to Earth's harmful frequencies than the Residents and Visitors. Most Ilmestys have to rely on objects, like mirrors and boxes, to travel from the Externus and Earth and vice versa. These are the most common type of Borderlings that will visit Earth.

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